What is the perfect way to show the Higher Deity your gratitude for the good harvest and the good year? Invite your family and friends, set a special dinner, lead the toast and greet everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving Day!”


How do you prepare for such a day?


The Invitations

This is really easy! It’s either you buy pre-made variety or create them yourself! If you want to put a personal touch on it, option #2 is best! You can simply make your own with cut out shapes of pilgrim heads, turkeys or cornucopia. Either you send it yourself to each guest or through mail; invitations should be received 3 weeks at most before the special event. A week before, you need to call them to confirm or coordinate what dish they will bring if the party is a potluck style.

The Adornment

The Overall.It’s Thanksgiving! Transform your home to perfectly resemble abundance, generosity and sense of gratitude. Natural colors such as brown and green, brightened up by red, orange and yellow shades can do magic! Add some embellishments with Thanksgiving symbols and images such as turkeys, pilgrims, gourds, pumpkins, fall leaves, cornucopia and Native Americans. Incorporate these into your centerpieces, wall hangings, place cards and banners.

The Table. Pick tablecloth and runners in light, coordinated colors like gold and cream. Complete the look with cloth napkins, golden napkin rings and a menu card describing each delightful dish. Pull out your best silverware and arrange them at each plate, going from the outside in, depending on the order of your dish.

The Centerpiece. Dramatic yet not overwhelming or overly towering, you can place a straw cornucopia filled in with fruits and flowers as the perfect centerpiece. Surely, everyone at the table will have the appetite and feel that it’s Thanksgiving!

The Dish

Appetizer. A great way to set everyone’s appetite, your salad is best to include fruits and nuts such as cranberries, walnuts and apples. This shall represent the season’s theme of abundance and variety.

Main Course.Stick to the classic. The star of the meal is the traditional Turkey dish with gravy. You can also prepare baked ham as an alternative. Do your grocery for these meals at least a week before Thanksgiving day to get the best selection.

Side Dishes and Dessert. Bread dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green rolls and mashed potatoes are traditional side dishes that would surely compliment your main dish. Dessert your way up with different kinds of pies- apple pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, among others!

The Playoffs

Make it Competitive. Try these games to spice up your night!

Corn pitching. Each team shall have an assigned basket, where they shall pitch beans, dried corns or candy corns into it. Each item has different point value, so the more you shoot into it, the more points you have!

Corn Hunt/ Turkey Hunt. Hide candy corns or turkey stickers and let the teams hunt them! Whoever get the most wins!

Find the turkey!

Thanksgiving Dinner.It’s a storytelling and memory game! Players shall form a circle and the first one begins the game by saying line “At my thanksgiving dinner, I ate turkey”. The next shall repeat this and add another dish. This shall continue until one mnemonic expert is left.

The invitation, the decoration, the meal, the games. All checked! Seems like you’re set! Now, get your big smile and warm hugs ready and welcome your guests with a cheerful “Happy Thanksgiving Day”!

Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.


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