There is something about a French-inspired home that’s so enticing and dreamy. French homes are warm and inviting that you may want to just stay at home and enjoy the ambiance. If you are dreaming of turning your home into a Parisian dream, you can start with the kitchen. With the right French-inspired decors and furniture, you can create a French farmhouse kitchen that makes you want to whip up home cooked meals.

Your French Farmhouse Kitchen

Creating your own French farmhouse kitchen is all about choosing the right colors and mood. Mix eclectic furniture pieces such as your dining table and dining chairs. Add floral arrangements and French-inspired décor to complete your theme.

French Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials

From tableware to dining chairs, we’ve selected some pieces that are perfect for a rustic farmhouse kitchen. Here are some of our top picks to help you create your own French farmhouse kitchen.

2. S/2 Abigail Side Chairs in Gray
A pair of beautiful side chairs in white wood finish.
3. Peters Bar Cart in Walnut
A versatile storage and decorative bar cart.
5. Cottage Kitchen Island in White
A stunning kitchen island that has a lot of storage and organization space.

1. Jamie Young Farmhouse Dining Table in Natural

Start with the dining table. This beautifully crafted farmhouse dining table can also be used in the kitchen as a daily dining area or a place where you prep your meals. It exudes a quiet country charm that’s perfect for a French farmhouse-inspired kitchen. You can buy it from One Kings Lane.

2. S/2 Abigail Side Chairs in Gray

This pair of beautiful chairs features a classic design that goes with any mood. You can pair this with the farmhouse dining table and they would go perfectly well together. You can grab a pair from One Kings Lane.

3. Peters Bar Cart in Walnut

Here’s a versatile piece of furniture that you can use for your kitchen. It’s perfect for storing your drinks, condiments, and even spices. It’s a timeless piece that has a walnut finish. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

4. Vermillion Designs Antique Porcelain Floral Basket

Add a vintage touch to your French farmhouse. This antique porcelain floral basket is a beautiful addition to your kitchen décor. It adds that rustic feel that’s perfect for your French farmhouse kitchen. You can get it from One Kings Lane.

5. Cottage Kitchen Island in White

If you want an easy way to organize your kitchen but still stick to your French farmhouse theme, this kitchen island is perfect for you. It features two open shelves, four sliding drawers, and one stainless steel top that’s a perfect contrast to the furniture’s white wood finish. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

3. 20-Piece Baroque Dinnerware Set
A beautifully embellished dinnerware set.
4. 5-Piece Lucca Flatware Set in Pewter
A gorgeous 5-piece pewter cutlery set.
5. Von Meter Ltd. 12-Piece English Fortnum and Mason Cannister Set
A 12-piece cannister set with a rustic style.

6. Farmhouse Pottery 9-Inch Milk Jug Medium Vase in White/Natural

This milk jug has an artisanal appeal that would look great on your countertop or your kitchen island. Use it to store your kitchen tools or to store beautiful flowers to add more color to your kitchen. You can get this from One Kings Lane.

7. Staub 4-Quart Essential French Oven in White

Cook a variety of delectable dishes using this exquisite French oven pot. It makes you want to get into the kitchen and whip up your favorite recipes. You can purchase one from One Kings Lane.

8. 20-Piece Baroque Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware set is embellished with ribbings, beadings, and scrolls that bring out a beautiful charm on the dining area. This set includes 5 salad plates, 5 dinner plates, 5 cups, and 5 bowls. You can buy a set for One Kings Lane.

9. 5-Piece Lucca Flatware Set in Pewter

Here’s a stylish, yet practical set of cutlery that lets you achieve a French farmhouse kitchen. This set’s beautiful pewter finish brings out elegance and sophistication on the dining table. The shade and material goes perfectly well with your chosen style. You can purchase this set from One Kings Lane.

10. Von Meter Ltd. 12-Piece English Fortnum and Mason Cannister Set

This luxurious canister set will make your kitchen look rustic and farm-chic. These cannisters also helps you organize your pantry in the most effective and efficient way. You can grab this set from One Kings Lane.

Recreate a French farmhouse kitchen and make your kitchen area roomier and cozier. This French-inspired style is enticing and inviting for you, your family, and your guests. These home and décor pieces and furniture will help you achieve your kitchen vision.

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