Fun Indoor Easter Activities You Can Do with the Family

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Easter celebrations are not what they used to be anymore. The pandemic is still here so everyone’s confined in his or her homes for safety. Even if you’re celebrating Easter indoors, you don’t have to worry about what kind of activities you are going to do to make the celebration fun for the entire family. There is still a lot of enjoyable stuff you can plan and prepare for to make this year’s Easter festivities meaningful and fun.

Fun Indoor Easter Family Activities

Easter, Easter activities

There are still many ways to enjoy Easter even if you’re at home. You can try out the list of things you can do to bond with the kids this Easter Sunday. Here are some ways you can have an entertaining celebration at home.


Read Easter-themed books.


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You can never go wrong with reading. Find an Easter story that you and the kids can enjoy. Allot a time when you can read the books together as a family. It’s a bonding time and a celebration in one. Our Easter book recommendation this year are the following:


(1) Hope the Magical Easter Basket Fairy by Teelie Turner

Easter, Easter activities

It’s about the Easter adventure of Kiara, a human girl, and Hope, the magical Easter basket fairy. This is a great read – just in time for the Easter celebration. Each page will put magic in your child’s imagination. This is available in Kindle, paperback, e-book, and audio book. You can purchase a copy from Teelie Turner Author.


(2) Eliza the Easter Fairy by Teelie Turner

Easter, Easter activities

Here’s another book from Teelie Turner. It’s about Eliza and her biggest challenge yet. She needs all the creativity and talent she has to create and decorate Easter eggs just in time for the big Easter event in her Kingdom. Kindle, paperback, e-book, and audio book. You can grab a copy from Teelie Turner Author.


Make Easter bonnets.


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For a fun arts and crafts activity, you can try making Easter bonnets with the kids. With the right materials, you and little ones can enjoy the creative process of making and designing Easter-themed hats. Add some Easter-inspired elements such as Easter eggs, carrots, bunnies, chicks, and many more!


You can watch this video on how to make your own Easter Bonnet.

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Here are some materials and kits you can get for making your own Easter bonnets:

(1) KINREX Easter Day Craft Kit Paper Bunny Ears

This is a simple and most basic kit we could find. If an Easter bonnet is a bit intimidating, try this bunny ears headband kit. Each kit can make up to 4 bunny ears headbands. This kit includes all the materials you need to make the Easter-themed head wear. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(2) Baker Ross Concertina Top Hat Crafts

These top hats come in white so they’re easy to decorate. You can use any coloring or painting mediums to turn these plain top hats into a colorful headpiece for Easter. You can order this on Amazon.

(3) 7-Piece Straw Hats for Kids Creative Art Painting

This set includes 7 pieces of straw hats that come in cute colors. These are unpainted so kids can go crazy when they design their own Easter bonnet. Attached any design on these hats to create a variety of Easter-inspired designs and styles. You can buy a set of 7 from Amazon.

(4) LeeLoon 80-Piece Easter Foam Stickers

For your bonnet designs, grab these pre-cut foam stickers that come in different shapes, designs, and colors. Your kids can get imaginative by creating whatever design comes to mind. These are also easy to stick on the hats because they are already stickers. Simply peel of the back of the foam pieces and stick. You can get this set from Amazon.

(5) Baker Ross 30 Felt Bunny Stickers

For additional design and color for your bonnets, these bunny felt stickers are a great choice. Each set includes 30 pieces of bunny stickers that come in cute and adorable shades. This set is available for purchase on Amazon.


Decorate Easter Eggs


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Another activity you can do with the family is decorating Easter eggs. Whether you choose to dye real eggs or paint artificial ones, this activity is fun to do with everybody.


If you want to learn how to dye eggs using different techniques, watch this video:

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If you want to paint plastic, wooden, or plaster eggs, you can grab these kits just in time for your Easter celebration:

(1) Aboofx 6-Piece Easter Eggs Painting Kit

This set includes 6 plastic eggs that you can paint and design. The kit also includes 6 egg nests, 6 glitter glues, 2 color palettes, 2 mixing plates, 2 paintbrushes, and a map. This kit is available on Amazon.

(2) Easter Egg Coloring Kit

For this kit, you’ll also get 6 paintable eggs, 2 egg nests, 6 crayons, 1 color palette, and 1 paintbrush. You can purchase a set from Amazon.

(3) Spring Flower White Easter Eggs Paintable Doodle Kit

For this set, you’ll get 24 white paintable eggs that are made out of Abs plastic. You’ll also get a 12-color paint palette, 4 paintbrushes, and a mixing plate. You can grab this from Amazon.

(4) 30-Piece White Easter Eggs with 8 Color Pens

This set is for those who want an easier way to design their Easter eggs. You’ll get 30 pieces of white Easter eggs, as well as 8 pieces of colored markers. You’ll also get lanyards so you can hang the eggs once you’re done decorating them. You can buy this from Amazon.

(5) Easter Egg DIY Decorating Kit

Finally, You can get this kit if you have lots of kids who will be doing this activity. It includes 2 sets of 12-color paint pots, 2 sets of paintbrushes, and 2 mixing plates. Kids can share and take turns decorating the eggs, since this set contains 20 pieces of white or blank eggs. You can get this set from Amazon.


Go on an Easter Egg Hunt at home.

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Finally, the main event of your Easter celebration at home! You can organize an Easter Egg Hunt indoors or on your backyard. Kids are surely going to enjoy this activity even if they are at home. Fill your eggs with surprises inside so the kids have something to look forward to each time they open each egg.


To organize this activity, you get these egg hunting essentials:

(1) 32-Piece Prefilled Easter Eggs

Add fun to your egg hunting! These Easter eggs include toys inside. You get 32 pieces of Easter eggs that contain a variety of adorable collectible toys! You can order this on Amazon.

(2) 24-Pack Easter Basket Stuffers Eggs Slime

Aside from treats, these slime eggs are sure to be a hit among kids. Since children nowadays love mixing and playing with slime, these eggs are going to get the little ones excited this Easter. You can purchase a 24 pack now from Amazon.

(3) Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Lollipops

These ring pops are the perfect Easter egg surprise. Each pack includes 20 ring pops in varying flavors. This iconic sweet treat is a staple for any kid-friendly event. You can grab a bag or two from Amazon.

(4) 15-Count Kinder Joy Eggs

Now these eggs are also a great find because these are chocolates and a surprise egg rolled into one. Almost every kid is familiar with Kinder Joy eggs because they never cease to get kids giddy with the sweet treats and toys inside. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(5) Reese’s Pieces Shake and Break Milk Chocolate Eggs Candy

Now everyone’s favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter chocolates are now in an Easter egg form! Each box includes 21 pieces of chocolate eggs that kids can break to get into the extra surprises inside. You can buy a box from Amazon.


Easter is fast approaching! Plan for these activities so you’ll have a grand time with the family this Easter Sunday. For more related posts, you can read more from We feature a variety of carefully-curated products that give value to our readers. You can find anything lifestyle from our site so make sure to visit us regularly. You can also browse through our previous posts here:

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