This has to be a Foodie’s favorite time of year with all the holiday parties coming up knowing that everyone will be rolling out their finest feasts for people to snack on and be wowed by. A Foodie knows though, it’s not necessarily the size of the meal, but the quality of the ingredients, the skill that the chef puts into his creations, and the creativity that is found on the plate that can make it one of the memorable eating experiences of their lives. Let these ShareASale Merchants help you find the right gift for the Foodie in your life!

1. Fresh Maine Lobster

Fresh Maine Lobster

Lobster Tails, Live Maine Lobsters Online, Bisque, Lobster Rolls, New England Clam Chowder | Lobster Anywhere

LobsterAnywhere is a new spin on the storied heritage of New England’s seafood industry. No matter where you live, you can get an impressive Maine Lobster dinner delivered to your doorstep tomorrow (Continental USA ONLY). LobsterAnywhere attracts homesick New Englanders, land-locked lobster lovers and gift givers. Our packages make perfect gifts for employee incentives, clients, special occasions and holidays.

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2. Quality Flour and Grains

Quality Flour and Grains

Dried Food & Baking Ingredients | Honeyville

Since 1951, bakers in America have trusted Honeyville as their go to source for the best quality flours and grains. Try out our products for yourself and see why bakers love it! Honeyville Food Products offers a wide variety of wholesale food products in a range of markets. Freeze Dried Fruits, Specialty Flours, Wholesale Ingredients, and Long Term Food Storage make up the bulk of our product lines.

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3. American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef

American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef

Wagyu (American Kobe) Beef & Kurobuta Pork | Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms is featured on the menus of the best restaurants in the world ranging from Michelin starred establishments to local business with an eye for extraordinary quality. Our beef products are rated higher than Prime – the top U.S.D.A. marbling grade for beef. At the table, a Snake River Farms steak impresses with its complex flavors, subtle sweetness and remarkable tenderness. Known as the “Butter Knife Beef,” our American Wagyu can literally be easily cut using a simple butter knife.

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4. Delicious Dessert Mixes


Cake and Cupcake Mixes | The Prepared Pantry

The Prepared Pantry produces bread, cookie, dessert, and pancake mixes in an FDA compliant, state inspected facility.  Most are packaged in Mylar to extend shelf life.  Preservatives and hydrogenated fats are avoided.

The company produces over 100 different bread mix varieties though some are seasonal and only about 90 are offered for sale at any time.

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5. Gourmet Hawaiian Coffee

Gourmet Hawaiian Coffee

Lion Coffee, Royal Kona Coffee | Hawaii Coffee Company

In 2000, Royal Kona and LION Coffee formed a partnership under the name Hawaii Coffee Company. Today, we are proud to be the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world and Hawaii’s leading supplier of coffee to the Island’s hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Aloha!

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6. Exotic and Organic Meats

Exotic and Organic Meats

Exotic Meats, Organic Meats | Fossil Farms Natural Meat Store

We applaud you for making the healthy choice to incorporate all natural & farm raised game meats into your menu. Game meats are higher in protein yet lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than traditional meats. Fossil Farms is committed to bringing you only the finest exotic meats, including ostrich meat, buffalo meat and many other all natural and farm-raised game meats. Our high quality, organic meat products are free of growth hormones, antibiotics, medications or preservatives.

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7. Chef’s Knife

Chef’s Knife

Restaurant Supplies for Commercial and Home | ABestKitchen

Welcome to the original online kitchen equipment company, ABestKitchen. We stock thousands of high-quality commercial kitchen products from top manufacturers. In addition to restaurant supplies & equipment, we carry many commercial quality items that are great for home too. ABestKitchen has been online selling restaurant equipment, kitchen and bar supplies, cooking accessories and wine tools since 1998.

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8. KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Mixer

Everything You Need for Your Kitchen | Kitchen Universe

Professional chefs and skilled amateur cooks, as well as homemakers and design professionals, love everything that Kitchen Universe has to offer. From kitchen furniture to kitchen utensils, stemware to cookware, kitchen appliances to bakeware, cutlery to barware Kitchen Universe is your kitchen store. Kitchen Universe focuses its product catalog on high-end cooking tools, specialties, kitchen carts and blocks as well as small appliances.

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9. Beer Making Kit

Beer Making Kit

Home brewing, Beer Kits, Beer Brewing Supplies | The Beer Machine

The Beer Machine takes a historically complex process and makes it simple—without compromising flavor, aroma, or appearance. This all-in-one fermenter, conditioning vessel, and dispenser was designed and engineered by professional brewers; they also design and build microbreweries, so you know they understand the science of brewing. And with our all-natural Beer Mixes, which are made from the finest-quality malted barley grains, no extra work like boiling or mixing ingredients is required.

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10. Gourmet Cheese

Gourmet Cheese

Artisanal Cheeses, Gourmet Food, Desserts and More | For The Gourmet

ForTheGourmet  an e-commerce website where you can order the same exact products that the top chefs in the United States- for the gourmet in your home. Sister company Shipped over 99,000 packages in 2011 to over 30,000 professional chefs. We are a leader in high end gourmet products many shipped directly from the source – lobster from the boat- meat from the farm- artisanal products from small makers.

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