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This gift guide is for the Green Thumb, the type of person who finds joy and peace creating beautiful gardens. Whether it’s a few flowers to accent a small deck or a backyard masterpiece full of colorful flowers, herbs, fruits & vegetables. Check out the variety of items that can benefit those with a green thumb from different ShareASale Merchants below!

1. Flower Pots

Flower Pots

Hanging Railing Planter – Self Watering Balcony Garden |

We are small team of avid gardeners from New England, eager to spread the joys and rewards of container gardening. After working in the gardening industry for over 30 years, we launched MyPotsandPlanters to achieve our goal of becoming the best online store for great deals on the biggest selection of pots & planters, plus all of the accessories that a successful container gardener needs.

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2. Raised Beds

Raised Beds

Composite rot proof Garden Bed 8x8x12 Vegetable or Flower Garden |

We are a small team of avid gardeners and vegetable lovers who believe that raised garden beds are often the best way to garden. Raised beds provide more square footage than a regular garden, prevent soil run-off, eliminate uncomfortable bending and kneeling, extend the gardening season, and produce less weeds! Raised beds also add a charming and unique focal point to your landscaping. We launched RaisedBeds as a website that could offer the broadest assortment of raised beds while committing to low prices and affordable shipping.

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3. Fountains


Powys Fountain – Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor |

Celebrating our 18th Year in the Business! Garden-Fountains was originally founded in 1996 as a home & garden specialty manufacturer and importer. Garden-Fountains continues to be an independently run business that offers product from multiple manufactures as well as products sourced exclusively for the site. We are happy to provide knowledgeable and friendly support, available via phone, fax, or email.

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4.  Trees


Buy Green Giant (Thuja) Arborvitae for Sale Online | Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. was originally founded in 2001 as a conifer and deciduous tree nursery. Nature Hills Nursery started as a local tree nursery serving a limited geographic area. Our company has evolved and responded to our customers’ demand of quality nursery products. We continue to improve our on-line capabilities and expand our product offerings.

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5. Gloves


Nitrile Touch Gloves| Summerstone Nursery Inc.

Passion. That is what Summerstone Nursery packages into every single plant we ship. We work hard to provide you with quality product at great prices.

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6. Seeds


Variety of Seeds | USA Seed Store

We strive to bring you the lowest prices on seed, trees and plants online!

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7. Tools


Gardening Tools: Garden For A Cause Tool Set | Master Gardening

MasterGardening specializes in consumer gardening products perfect for the lawn & garden. We carry full lines of pots, planters, tools, and decor items of the highest quality. We do not carry products that you will have to replace every year, our goal is to help you get your garden reach it’s full potential as quickly and easily as possible.

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8. Flowers


Calla Lily Bulbs | Pacific Callas

At Pacific Callas, we are dedicated to providing you with only the highest quality calla lily bulbs, direct from the world’s best growers. Robust, enduring and elegant in its classic lines, the
calla lily proves forever sophisticated and majestic.

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9. Gardening Accessories

Gardening Accessories

Wide Garden Kneeler |

Extra Padded Garden Kneeler is Sturdy and has Wide Seat for Comfort and Support. Cushioned surface is gentle on the knees while working in your garden

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10. Bird Houses


Bird Houses | The Bird Shed

Bird Houses, or Nesting Boxes, provide safe homes for birds and a great source of satisfaction for humans. Hosting breeding birds in the backyard is a major step in appreciating backyard birds. Mounting bird houses and enjoying backyard birds is relaxing yet exciting and…inexpensive! Anyone, from kids to adults, can mount bird houses to attract wrens, chickadees, Purple Martins and other beautiful birds. Use a bird house to enjoy backyard bird watching while gaining more knowledge about nature.

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