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No matter if your pet barks, meows, chirps, makes a fish face at you, squeaks or whatever makes whatever noise a rabbit makes, ShareASale and its Merchants have you covered this season with all sorts of products for your favourite animal(s). The products from our Merchants range from toys you can use to play with your pet to products that aim to keep your pet as healthy as can be for years to come.

1. Flea and Tick Supplies

Flea and Tick Supplies

Flea and Tick Supplies and Medicine | EntirelyPets

EntirelyPets has been providing a wide variety of Pet supplies, pet medications, pet supplements and much more. EntirelyPets provides affordable solutions to give pets healthiest and happiest life possible while saving pet parent’s money.

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2. Bird Feeders


Decorative Bird Feeders | The Bird Shed

Decorative bird feeders come in a variety of forms and are designed to enhance the beauty of the well tended yard and complement other carefully chosen and tastefully placed items. As with decorative bird houses and bird baths, decorative bird feeders are also functional. A well positioned and well stocked decorative bird feeder will be a magnate for all the usual backyard species.

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3. Indestructible Varsity Ball

Indestructible Varsity Ball

Indestructible Dog Toy | Varsity Pets

Varsity Pets manufactures and sells “110% guaranteed indestructible” toys for dogs. Our Varsity Balls and Junior Varsity Balls are large, tough, outdoor toys that dogs with wrestle, herd, and play with all by themselves until they are exhausted. Because our toys are so addictive, they are a great way to exercise high-energy dogs without exhausting yourself!

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4. Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Plans | Petplan

Lower vet bills by up to 90% with our pet insurance plans! Petplan is North America’s best-loved pet insurer offering the most coverage and top-rated service. Pet Insurance is a rapidly growing industry in the US. In the UK, 27% of pets are covered, while in the US less than 1% of pets are covered. If USA even comes close to catching up to pet lovers overseas, the entire market will grow more than 25 times as big as it is today!

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5. Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture, Gyms, Toys, Beds and More! | CatsPlay

CatsPlay sells high quality cat furniture in unique designs. We offer a wide variety of models of cat furniture, and customers may select from 7 different colors. Our items generate a high level of interest among cat owners! There are 61 million cats in 30% of US households and 4.1 million kittens are born in the US alone each year. Our high quality units have unique designs, and include scratchproof sisal poles, hammocks, beds, play hoops and more. Our most popular unit’s price is $169. Shipping is always free!

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6. Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Toys for Cats | All Pets Considered

All Pets Considered is Customer-Oriented. Our store commitment is to provide quality pet products and customer satisfaction. All Pets Considered carries the largest selection of premium and all-natural dog/cat foods in our area, a full listing of the brands we sell can be seen on our Pet Foods Page. It gives informed advice on pet care and diet. If we don’t know the answer to the question you’re asking, we’ll get it. If we don’t stock the item you need, we’ll do our best to find it. Special requests are an integral part of the All Pets Considered service commitment.

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7. Pet Food

Pet Food

Pet Food Central | HealthyPets

Founded in 1997, Healthypets, Inc. mission is to help pet owners improve and care for their pets without having to spend a great deal of money. At Healthypets, we are dedicated to helping and strengthening the bond between humans and animals by only providing quality products that are U.S.A EPA and FDA approved. We offer non- prescription medications, all-natural and nutritional supplements, as well as a huge variety of pet supplies. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on pet or simply looking to keep your pets healthy, Healthypets is your one stop shop.

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8. LED Dog Harness


Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes | My Favorite Pet Shop

We’re the fun online pet shop where you can find all your favorite products for your favorite pets. Whether you want to spoil your pampered pet, stock up on basic pet supplies, or find the latest and greatest discount pet supplies, MyFavoritePetShop is the place to do it.

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9. Dog Treats


Dog Treats |

What dog doesn’t L-O-V-E dog treats? Well, if one actually does exist, we’ve yet to meet him! We carry lots of yummy, tasty, safe and healthy dog treats to reward your dog for being a good pooch. So, whether your dog likes bacon treats or chicken, beef, liver, even carrots, we’ve got all the tasty dog treats your dog could ever wish for.

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10. All Pet Supplies

All Pet Supplies

Dog, bird, fish / aquarium, cat supplies and more | GregRobert Pet Supplies

GregRobert is an established pet, equine and garden retailer offering approximately 20,000 products. We have been selling online since 2002. We pride ourselves in ensuring our customers are happy through speedy shipping, great customer service and fair prices.

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“Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links.”

Some merchants temporarily go offline to update their products. Please check back with us as we regularly update our gift guides.

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