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The Prankster loves to play practical jokes on those unsuspecting. They love to get a reaction whether it be fright, surprise or laughter. The prankster knows no limits when it comes to loading up on gag gifts for the office or at home. From the decades old whoopee cushion to new technology such as remote control rats, the prankster cackles with glee as their tricks run their course. Stock up on your own gifts for your favorite joker from these ShareASale Merchants.

1. The Ultimate Prank Collection

The Ultimate Prank Collection

The Prank Collection |

If you like to always have a good Prank on hand then this Collection will be your go-to. It’s filled with 4 classic Pranks that are sure to get everyone talking and laughing. You’ll find Pranks like the Nail Through the Finger, Fish Candy, Fake Dog Poo, Fake Blood, Fart Spray, and so much more. We’ve got you covered, all you gotta do is open the box!

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2. No-Tear Toilet Paper

No-Tear Toilet Paper

No Tear Toilet Paper | FunSlurp

FunSlurp offers awesome Unique Products, Gag Gifts, and Pranks. Our products are so rare and fun that our sale rate is incredible! We pride ourselves on our commitment to top notch customer service! Our greatest priority is your satisfaction. We guarantee quick and friendly replies to all inquiries. Our entire team is familiar with all of our wacky products and will be able to provide a knowledgeable response to your questions.

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3. Water-Spraying Toilet


Water Spraying Closestool Toy |

Fill the “toilet” with water via the opening at the bottom and then seal the opening using the included rubber cap. Ask your best friend to flip open the cover of the toilet. Then the water will spray on his / her face. Water is sprayed from the excrement in the toilet. Good joke gift for you and your friends!

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4. Scary Spider


Soft Rubber Spider |

Shock your friends with this real-looking spider!

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5. Prank Notices

Prank Notices

Prank eviction notices |

Noveltieswholesale is a family owned and operated business. We sell only the Hottest Novelties and General Merchandise in the USA and around the World. We are not fancy, we keep it very simple, so you can shop with ease. The more you buy, the more you save. We are a wholesale business but allow you to buy sample or single units on specific items.

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