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Graduation Party Planning Process Revealed!

Graduation is always something- to look forward to, to envision of, to work hard for! At last, after 12 long years, you have finally made it! What makes it more exciting? Hosting your own graduation party! While an ‘open house’ event is such an amusing term, but how can you possibly ‘open your house’? Seriously, how do you host such kind of celebration? Graduation party planning process revealed!

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How much will it cost?

A priority to planning your party is the budget. Costs can immediately get out of hand if things are unplanned. Estimate how much your overall budget will be. Have a definite figure on your mind, and try to revolve around that during the entire planning process!

Who are coming?

Obviously, it’s your close high school pals or family who are coming. Create a ‘who’s coming’ list so you can determine the food quantity, the venue space and the invitations you will need.

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Where’s the party?

With your guest list ready, you can now guesstimate how large the party venue should be. If you have 10 people or less, you might want to think of having a dinner at a restaurant near you or family feast instead. But if you’re inviting in more, your home is the preferred venue! If this is not an option for you, then you can rent a place or a hall. Try checking a VFW or church meeting spot for a cheaper price!

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When should you get together?

Since it is graduation time and a lot of your friends could be so busy attending their own or your pals’ party, you must be extra considerate of everyone’s time. The most convenient time would be on a weekend between 12 noon and 6 pm. Try not to compete with your friends’ chosen timeslot. Schedule your party a week or two from your graduation ceremony in either June or July. Keep the party alive for at least three hours so that your friends can just walk in through at their most convenient time and you’ll surely have ‘enough’ period to hang out with them! Remember, this might be once in a lifetime!

A Better Deal

Do you want to save money?  Here’s the ultimate deal. Why not team up with your best friend or relative and sponsor the same party together with your common friends? This is more cost- effective and similarly memorable! Another is dividing your party time between family and friends. Your grandma’s kind of fun is far different than your pal’s. So you can make the first 3 hours as a family exclusive affair and the next would be for friends!

Decorate It Great

Flair up the event with high school themed blings! Incorporate your school journey before and beyond! You can hang a streamer with your batch motto, such as “This is Spartan!” Have your own victory wall or table where your trophies, medals and plaques shall be placed. Get banners, table cloths and party accessories in your school color. Place your gift table near the entrance so guests will remember dropping off their offering. Just make sure it won’t block your pathway!

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Classy Invite

Welcome to the social network era! And it means, you can simply create an event in Facebook for your party and invite everyone! For mails, send your invites a month before your party. Clearly state on it your full name, the date, the time, and the address. RSVP response isn’t needed because for sure, you’ll have other friends and family members who would come like magic! “Gifts or money welcome” remark is a big No-no! For the design, align it with your party theme or school pattern and color.


Goodies Grad- style

Convenience is the key element to your graduation goodies. The dishes should be of fresh- and- fast sort that anyone could enjoy while sitting down, moving around the place, or in going to another graduate’s gathering! Prepare a sufficient amount of finger foods like shrimp or steak skewers and sandwiches. Crackers, cheese, olives, vegetable platters, potato and fruit salads are great inclusions too! Since it is summer, don’t forget your refreshing beverages like lemonade, soda and fruit juices! Do you have a cake? Cut it during the first hours of the party so everyone could get a taste and fun with it!

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Forever Fun

Since most guests are ‘moving’, try to do something dynamic and continuous for fun! Put up a video slideshow for everyone to see or play a good music for anyone to enjoy! You can also put up short games like basketball, twister, dance revolution or a karaoke showdown!

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Thank You!

Saying thank you can be more than words! Let everyone remember how grateful you are of their presence and your memories together. Give them a goody bag full of sweets, mints, a bottle of water, and a souvenir photo with your thank-you message at the back of it.


At last, you’re graduating. Wear your caps with pride and wave your diplomas with honor. Extend the celebration on full blast with a graduation bash! Have a great time party planning!

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