Are you a natural griller?


You may- or may not- have that inborn grilling talent, but you can definitely bring out such wonder on you. How? To be a top griller, you only need to have the top grilling tools!

ProAccurate Quick- Read Waterproof Pocket Thermometer

A waterproof digital food thermometer has proven such item is never a luxury. Proaccurate’s Quick- read Waterproof Pocket Thermometer provides an easy, handy, reliable and accurate way of making certain those steaks are cooked in perfection while avoiding the risk of undercooked foods being removed off the grill. All these and more bonus values (5 year- warranty, LR$$ button battery inclusion, plastic protective sheath) under US$20!

Weber Wide Stainless Steel Spatula

What makes a good barbecue spatula? It’s not the weird little fork and blades that come with it. It’s not how it does everything- even opening your bottle of beer. A good spatula is one that’s great with sneaking under delicate flesh of meats and fillets of fish. It can easily slip under food, lift and turn, without tearing it apart. It should feature a rubber and silicone handle and an adjustable neck part to protect your hands from burns. Its front edge must be wide enough to flip foods with stability. Importantly, it must come with a good price at around $14. Good news- Weber’s Wide Stainless Steel Spatulafits all criteria! Believe, it’s the good one!


OXO Good Grips 16-Inch Locking Tongs

What makes grilling easy? It’s a good pair of tongs that allows a good grip on your food. OXO Good Grips locking tongs guarantees such goodness. Its easy squeeze-ability makes you grip items, small and large in size, without the danger of cutting into your food- no matter how delicate it might be!  It also bounces back quickly so you can let go of anything unnecessary, especially accidental food cuts. Its 16- inch locking tongs fit any hand perfectly and allows enough reach deep into the grill without having your hands dangerously close over the fire. Indeed, grilling is never easy until OXO Good Grips!


Verde River Products Gecko Grip Gloves

Oftentimes, you may need to take hold of something hot. A heavy duty hand protector is a great investment. Verde River Products Gecko Grip Gloves is just that! It even extends heat protection from your hands to your lower arms, as you reach over the grill. Put ‘em on and you can definitely handle anything hot- from hot spots, BBQ skewers, and rotisserie rod.

post amazon gloves


A set of three anodized aluminum cooking grates, it provides a top- notch cooking surface to grill units. Without the trouble of food sticking to your grates or the problem of uneven heating, this one- of – kind- home item will surely give you a far- improved grilling experience!


Steven Raichlen Stainless Steel Skewers

Eveyone loves kebabs- especially when they’re perfectly grilled. And here’s the secret to do just that- Steven RaichlenSteel Skewers! These good flat blade skewers hold kebabs firmly and make turning easy. They are large enough that you could load the kebab with various foods. Plus, they’re stainless and rust hates them even when they’re kept inside your drawer!


Are you not a natural griller? Good thing, everyone can ‘learn’ the talent. Your determination and these top grilling tools are all that’s need for a grilling perfecto!


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