Halloween may still be two months away but you can never prepare too much for spooky season. Get started and check out these Halloween decorations that are sure to give someone a fright – all under $20.

halloween decorationsunder $20

Indoor Halloween Decorations

Metal Lantern With Glass Candle Holder

Metal Lantern With Glass Candle Holder

This Metal Lantern with Glass Candle Holder is so nice you might want to just leave it up all year long! But if you use it just for Halloween, it will cast these really atmospheric and spooky shadows on the walls when lit. So lighten up your Halloween with this quality lantern!

14 Inch Led Candelabra

14-Inch Led Candelabra

Add a ghastly look to your home with this 14 inch LED Candelabra. Greet visitors with a well lit yet sinister smile. You’ll send shivers down their spine as you pull back your lips to reveal two well sharpened fangs ready to be thrust into their soft necks.

Bloody Handprint

Bloody Handprint

If you’re in need of a décor that’ll turn your home into a murder scene, then this item will definitely be of help. This window cling set looks great on not just windows, but bathroom mirrors and other similar surfaces. And by great, we mean really, really bloody.

Hanging Bloody Zombie

Hanging Bloody Zombie

Get this Hanging Bloody Zombie for your home for a haunted effect! He is wearing a tattered blood stained plaid shirt revealing his bloody torso. He only has one bulging eye and an open mouth that appears to be screaming.

Deluxe Realistic Skull Prop

Deluxe Realistic Skull Prop

Reinforce your theme of death and despair at your next party with this Deluxe Realistic Skull Prop. It’s designed to look authentic so that you can make your scary decor extra convincing.

Corner Spider Web W Spider

Corner Spider Web With Spider

Hang this Corner Spider Web w/Spider anyplace where you want to startle your guests. Arachnophobes will shriek! One caveat: don’t hang it in a spot where it can get wet.


Wall Pieces Set Of 3

Choosing the right Halloween decorations can be a tough choice, that’s why we like to have options. This set includes a “Spooky” piece, for when you’re feeling spooky, a “Beware” piece for when you’re feeling threatening and a “Boo” piece for when you just don’t feel like yelling “Boo!” at everyone who’s at your home.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations


19-Piece Graveyard Kit

This kit has everything you need to create the ultimate spooky scene.


Flying Ghost

The flying ghost has a realistic moving action and shrieks like the dickens. Once you place it in your yard, you can expect an increase of ghostly activity in your home!


Skull On Jaws

Get into Halloween mode with a really frightening looking zombie decoration popping out of your yard.


Animated Gargoyle

Good gargoyle or bad gargoyle? It depends. Some days he can be sweet and flutter on your shoulder. Other days, he’ll perch in the corner of the room and cackle at you all day from afar.


60-inch Micro Led Purple String Lights

Decorate with this string of purple LED lights to add some extra sparkle to your seasonal display. Because these lights are battery powered, you can place them anywhere!


Bloody Footprints Runner

Frighten everyone headed towards your door with this Bloody Footprints Runner.


Zombie Yard Gnome

This guy wants something to munch on and he doesn’t care if it’s a gnome heart, liver, or brains- he isn’t picky! Add this Zombie Yard Gnome: Style B on your porch or garden to scare away animals that are eating your plants. This zombie gnome has bloodshot eyes and a bone for an arm and is rather frightening!


3-Pack Halloween Light Up Lanterns

Flip one of these pumpkin-shaped lanterns on and it’s a whole different story. Once it’s on, you might just feel like dressing up like a ghost to scare trick or treaters, even if isn’t quite the end of October yet.

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