Halloween is near. Have you thought of a costume yet? If not, here are some Halloween-inspired headwear will help you decide on what kind of ghoulish or magical creature you’re going to be this Halloween. With these headwear, you’ll be able to think of a costume easily. Try some of the favorites we have found!

1. Checkered Mini Top Hat

This headwear can be paired with a magician or a mad hatter costume. You’ll cast a spell during trick-or-treating to get your hands on so many candies! You can purchase this headwear here.

2. Glitter Cat Ears Headband

Go trick-or-treating as a kitty cat this Halloween. All you need are some black clothes, kitty cat whiskers, cat nose, and this glitter cat ears headwear. You can buy it here.

3. Roman Goddess Leaf Headdress

Feel like an ancient Roman goddess while wearing this gold leaf headdress. Just wear a simple white cloth or a white dress with this for an instant Halloween costume. Get one here.

4. Red and Black Flower Crown

This headdress is perfect for celebrating the Day of the Dead, as well as Halloween. Pair it with a flowy dress and with matching Halloween makeup to create an easy Halloween costume. You can grab this flower crown here.

5. Shiny Unicorn Horn Headband

You can easily be every little girl’s favorite magical character this Halloween. Simply wear a colorful tutu dress and this unicorn horn headband to create a quick and easy unicorn costume. Buy your own unicorn horn headband here.

6. Glittered Happy Pumpkins Headband

Be as happy as the pumpkins on this pumpkin headband as you go trick-or-treating! Just wear a black and orange ensemble and match your outfit with this headband. You can also use a pumpkin trick or treat bag to match your costume. Purchase one here.

7. Snow White-Inspired Sparkling Glitter Bow Headband

This glittery red and blue headband is perfect for a princess. You can truly be Snow White this Halloween with the help of this perfect hair accessory. You can buy one here.

8. Floral Flower Crown

This beautiful flower crown may seem like a regular accessory but with a spooky makeup and outfit, you’ll have an instant Halloween costume. The colors also represent the Halloween holiday, making this headwear a great addition to your costume. Grab one here.

9. Fascinator Hats Mesh and Feather Headwear

Here’s another beautiful Halloween-inspired headwear that’s great for pairing with a Halloween costume. Wear this and turn yourself into a spooky flapper or an eerie ghost. Buy one here.

10. Antlers Flowery Headband

Feel as magical as a fairy princess or an enchanted woodland creature when you wear this floral antlers headwear. You are sure to turn heads this Halloween while you go trick-or-treating. You can get your own here.


Get a Halloween costume idea fast with the help of these Halloween-inspired headwear. You’ll be able to create an easy Halloween costume by pairing what you already have in your closet with these beautiful yet Halloween-ready head accessories. To help you prepare for this year’s Halloween, you can read more about our tips and tricks at TeelieTurner.com. You can also read out Halloween-related posts below:

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