Thanksgiving is one of the most enjoyable time with our family. In preparation for that wonderful event, we should always consider serving healthy food. Here are thanksgiving food that are delicious and beneficial.


Eggplants provide a lot of fibre in the body. They have a high source of bioflavonoids which reduce stress and high blood pressure.

 1. Fresh Eggplant

Just remember to cook eggplants the right way. They soak up a lot of oil once they’re fried.


These little ones have phytochemicals which prevent the risk of heart disease. Also the soluble and insoluble fiber of beans help your digestion to run properly.

 2. Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Pinto Beans, 15 Oz

Studies show that eating beans would make you feel less bloated compared to the others.


Peas are packed with high protein. They are also known to keep your bones healthy since they have Vitamin K.

 3. Libby's Organic Sweet Peas, 15-Ounces Cans

They are also a good source of Vitamin C that strengthens your immune system.


Eggs are often misunderstood as not healthy. Eating eggs will supply choline to the body. Choline helps your brain to function properly.

4. Eggs (4 Dozen)

Not everyone can get enough Choline a day. But eggs are a good source of them.


Yes we know that pumpkins will be on your plates. Let me just tell you the good things you’ll have by eating them.

 5. Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin

As we age, our vision will start to change. Don’t worry because pumpkins have Zea-xanthin that keeps your vision sharp. Pumpkins are also a good source of B-complex vitamins.


The adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” wasn’t made for nothing.

6. Gala Apples Fresh Produce Fruit, 3 LB Bag

Apples are known to keep the heart healthy. They also reduce the risk of having stroke and breast cancer.


Never underestimate the power of potatoes. They have a lot of Vitamin B6 that helps build your cells, keeps the nervous system active and helps in protecting your heart.

7. Potatoes Russet

Potatoes are also known to improve your athletic performance.


Another sweet and beneficial food would be peaches. They have Vitamin A and C that are essential for your skin.

8. Libby's Splenda Sliced Peaches

In addition to that, peaches are fat free so they help maintain your body weight. And peaches protect your body against Anemia.


Cranberries are known to fight the risk of having UTI. Unlike candies, cranberries prevent your teeth from decaying fast.

9. Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce

They also have acid components which reduce the formation of Kidney stones.


The reason why the color of this berries are blue is because they have anthocyanins. These anthocyanins fight cancer-causing agents and tumor growth in the body.

 Signature Dried Blueberries

They are also abundant with flavonoids that helps prevent memory loss.

Healthy and delicious. Those are only some of the various benefits that you can get by eating them. At this time of the year, always consider eating food that have greater benefits for your bodies. Enjoy and be healthy!

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