Healthy Treats You Can Give Out This Halloween

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We all know that kids are excited about Halloween because of the candy. However, some parents may fear that too much candy can cause cavities. Fret not! We’ve picked out these healthy treats that you can give away this Halloween as a healthier option. Check out what we’ve selected!

Options for Healthy Treats

If you want to stay away from candies and cavities, here are some alternatives that you can give to little trick or treaters.

Alternatives to Super Sweet Candies

Here are some of our picks as substitutes for sugar-packed candies.

1. MySuperCookies Organic Nut Free Whole Grain Cookies
Organic and vegan cookies in small packs.
2. Apple & Eve 100% Juice Variety Pack
A healthy pack of juice boxes – 100% organic and natural.
3. Walkers Shortbread Fingers in 2-Cookie Packs
24-pack buttery shortbread fingers – absolutely delicious!
4. Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Original Minis
Crunchy snacks for trick or treaters.
5. Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears Candy
Healthy alternatives to sugar-packed gummies.

(1) MySuperCookies Organic Nut Free Whole Grain Cookies

These cookies are perfect for giving away this Halloween as they are free from nuts and GMO products. They are 100% organic and vegan so they will pass the standards every health-conscious parent and kid. You can purchase a box of 24 from Amazon.

(2) Apple & Eve 100% Juice Variety Pack

Instead of giving out junk that are filled with sugar, give out these healthy juice boxes. These have no sugar, artificial flavorings, and preservatives. These may not be the conventional Halloween treats but kids will still appreciate them. You can get a box of 16 from Amazon.

(3) Walkers Shortbread Fingers in 2-Cookie Packs

These shortbread are absolutely delicious! Even a picky eater will love these buttery shortbread fingers. Give these out instead of candy and kids would still love them. You can buy a box of 24 from Amazon.

(4) Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Original Minis

Here’s a crunchy treat for your trick or treaters! Each bag only has 110 calories so you don’t have to worry about the extra pounds kids might get from eating junk food. These are all natural and baked to perfection. You can purchase a box of 24 from Amazon.

(5) Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears Candy

Lastly, if you want to give in to including sweet treats to kids this Halloween, you can choose a healthier variety. These organic gummy bears from Black Forest are perfect if you want to give kids a healthier option. These are 100% natural and organic so you don’t have to worry to much if kids ear more than what they usually do. You can purchase a pack of 65 from Amazon.

Non-Candy Alternatives

If you don’t want to give candies or sweets this Halloween but you still want to make it fun, these are some non-candy treats you can give out.

1. Assorted Halloween Bubbles Pack
Fun bubble pack for Halloween!
2. Play-Doh Halloween Trick or Treat Bag
Play-Doh tubs perfect for trick or treating giveaways.
3. Party America Halloween Tattoo Value Pack
120-pack of Halloween-inspired temporary tattoos.
4. Halloween Slap Bracelets
Halloween designed snap bracelets for kids of all ages.
5. Foam Halloween Masks
Cute yet spooky masks perfect for Halloween.

(1) Assorted Halloween Bubbles Pack

What’s a party without bubbles? Kids and adults love playing with bubbles so give them these spooky ones and they’ll love you for it. You can purchase a pack of 24 from Amazon.

(2) Play-Doh Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Palm-sized containers that are packed with loads of fun! These Play-Doh containers will keep little trick or treaters pre-occupied as they create different masterpieces with these! You can get a bag of 80 from Amazon.

(3) Party America Halloween Tattoo Value Pack

Temporary tattoos are also a fun giveaway for trick or treaters. Kids will definitely have fun as they play with these tattoos! You can get these in packs of 120 sheets from Amazon.

(4) Halloween Slap Bracelets

These cute slap bracelets come in pumpkin, ghost, skull, and bat designs. They are great Halloween accessories that can make a Halloween costume pop. These bracelets are one size fits all so they are perfect for kids of any age. You get these in packs of 12 from Amazon.

(5) Foam Halloween Masks

Add more fun to trick or treating by giving away these Halloween masks. It includes a mummy, bat, vampire, pumpkin, Frankenstein, and ghost. The set includes six different masks. You can purchase them from Amazon.

You can find more options here:

Make Halloween extra fun with these healthy treats and non-candy giveaways. Those who will be trick or treating at your house will surely feel spook-tacular! Read more about our previous Halloween-related here at below:

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