With all the holiday happenings around you, you deserve to take a break and have a cookie! Or you can have more! Bring in your friends and family to take some ‘break’ too and bring along their own version of this sweet treat! Say hello to a holiday cookie swap! Here’s what you must do!

Know Who’s Coming.  Write a list of 10-20 friends whom you share the same sweet tooth, the love of baking and the interest to take a minimal holiday prep break.

Determine the date and time.  Select a time that could work best for you and your guests’ schedule.  Make sure it’s close to the holidays so the cookies will last but not that late like a rush. Seven- ten days ahead is safe! Sending invitations must come at least four weeks before the gathering so your fellow can plan earlier. Baking seven dozen cookies does not happen in a wink!

Disseminate the rules. Of course, you’ll be sending out invitations. Just don’t forget though that there are important things you MUST include on it- quantity of cookies to bake, when they should confirm, er RSVP, how many will be attending, and the usual time, date and venue. You should also inform them to send through their cookie recipes to avoid double or triple ups. In return make everyone informed who’s baking which. Here’s a set of rules for your perusal:

  1. Cookies must be seasonally fitting and made- straight- from-their-home.
  2. Cookies must last for several days.
  3. Cookies must be baked by the guest himself/herself.
  4. Importantly, cookies are meant to be baked, not BURNED.

Prepare.  Have your largest table ready and take out your festive bowls and platters, enough to hold everyone’s kitchen masterpiece; plus a tong for every plate! You can use cake stands in layers to maximize the space for added visual attractiveness! Place label cards in front of the platters so guests could easily identify where to put their cookies. Also, get them share to everyone their recipe secret and their intrinsic baking technique! Prepare several smaller boxes so that guests could take home every kind of cookies there is! Or better, inform your guests ahead to bring his/ her own cookie containers!

Provide Snacks Drinks and toast. Pair your cookies with a hot tea and coffee in the morning or a celebratory punch and sparkling wine at the cocktail hours. Or try the safest for anytime of the day- cold milk or hot chocolate! And to offset the superb cookie sweetness, be sure to have savory foods on the table, like fresh veggies, crackers, cheese and dip.

‘Differentiate’ for the kids.  If you shall have kids coming over, ensure you have a separate table for them- filled with another set of various cookies and assortments . Give them their world and you, adults, shall have yours.

Holiday prep can take your time and energy! However, you can always take a break and get some treats- cookies!

Unsure yet of what cookie recipe to bake? Martha Stewart’s Favorite Cookie Guide can give you definite answers!


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