Hobbies You Can Try Out While You’re On Lockdown

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Many are currently stuck at home due to the ongoing pandemic. It’s inevitable that people may feel unhappy about the lockdown because it means that they will be confined within the four walls of their homes. However, instead of looking at the downside, it’s best to use the time at home to do something useful. Now is a great time to find a new hobby. We’ve compiled these hobbies on lockdown that you can do to make the most of your time at home.

Hobbies on Lockdown You Can Try

Discovering a new talent or finding a new hobby can help improve your physical, as well as your mental health while cooped up at home. Here are some hobbies that you can try out while you’re stuck in the house.




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Sewing is a useful craft, especially nowadays. You can make use of your hobby or skill by creating reusable face masks for you, your family, and anyone who might need one. You can also use your sewing skills to create a variety of clothes, bags, and even accessories once you got the hang of it. Take a beginner class online while you’re on quarantine. This Startup Library for Sewing by Sara Alm can teach you the basics of sewing. If you’re ready to make your own handmade face masks, you can get this Mystery Fabric Face Mask Kit from Bluprint.

You can also watch this DIY face mask tutorial to have an idea on how to create one on your own.

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Knitting uses two needles to create various projects. Using this skill, you can create comfy scarves or a cute beanie. Take this Intro to Knitting class with Vickie Howell and discover your love for this craft. You can also purchase this pattern for an infinity scarf for your first knitting project.

You can view this video as an additional resource for knitting for beginners.

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Many confuse knitting with crocheting. However, the two have their differences. In crocheting, you are only using a single needle. This craft is only done by hand, unlike knitting, which can also be done using machines or looms. Crocheting can also help you create scarves and other accessories. In addition, you can create crocheted dolls and plush toys. Start this skill by taking a How to Crochet class by Meredith Crawford Cowser. Once you have mastered the basics, you can try creating your own Kawaii Amigurumis.

For more tutorials on amigurumis, check out this video here.

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Aside from your work, these new hobbies can keep you busy and productive while you’re staying at home. What are you waiting for? Get started on these online classes now.

Grab these Kits to Start Your Hobbies on Lockdown

Now that you’re going to start learning a new hobby, you can get these kits and starter essentials.

(1) Bernette sew&go1 Sewing Machine

If you are planning on learning how to sew, a sewing machine is a must. This model is easy to operate – perfect for beginners. You can preorder through Etsy.

(2) Sewing Starter Set

This kit has everything you need for sewing. It includes a measuring tape, various needles, thimbles, bobbins, threads, and many more. You can purchase this set on Etsy.

(3) Face Mask Pattern

Now that everyone is required to wear face masks, you can start a new sewing project – making reusable face masks. Here’s a pattern that you can easily buy, download, and follow. You can get this from Etsy.

(4) Face Mask Fabrics

You need quality fabrics when you’re making a face mask. This cotton fabric pack is a perfect starter kit. You can buy these from Etsy.

(5) Quilted Sewing Machine Mat and Notions Caddy Digital PDF Sewing Pattern

If you are on a more advance level already, try creating this sewing machine mat and caddy. This patter is available in digital PDF format. Purchase the pattern from Etsy.

(6) Tassel Scarf Knitting Kit for Beginners

Put your new skills to good use. This beginners’ kit for knitting a scarf is a perfect way to try creating something new with your newfound hobby. You can purchase this kit from Etsy.

(7) Sea Animals Crochet Kit

How adorable are these sea creatures? Learn how to make these cuties with the help of this crochet kit for beginners. This amigurumi kit includes the essentials you need to make Wally the Whale, Dominic the Dumbo Octopus, and Otto the Octopus. You can but this from Etsy.

(8) DIY Crochet Octopus Kit

Here’s another cute crochet kit. It includes a pattern booklet, 4 spools of yarn, safety eyes, cotton embroidery floss, and polyester fiberfill. You can choose from 4 different color schemes – mint green, pink, purple, and blue. Grab this kit from Etsy.

(9) Amigurumi Llama Crochet Kit

More cuteness coming your way! This llama crochet kit will surely give you a llama-zing time while your on quarantine! A basic kit comes with off white felt, wool yarn, polyester fiber stuffing, black and off white thread, a template, and a pattern booklet. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(10) Aradiya Toys Amigurumi Christmas Crochet Pattern

Christmas may still be months away but start this project now and you’ll be able to fill your entire Christmas tree with cute amigurumi decors this year. You’ll immediately receive a downloadable pattern when you buy this. Get a copy of this template from Etsy.

With all the available time that you have right now, these hobbies on lockdown can help you make the most of it. You’ll not only learn a new skill, but you’ll also help yourself grow mentally and physically. Take one day at a time and you’ll eventually find a new craft that you’ll love.

Join the Fairy Mask Movement!

hobbies, hobbies on lockdown

If you are still learning how to sew but you want to be part of the solution against the pandemic, you can join the Fairy Mask Movement. TeelieTurner.com has a wide range of fairy masks. Here are some of the available designs:

(1) Meliantha The Magical Fairy  Mask

The expert in fairy dust, Meliantha is in charge of all the magical fairies in the fairy world. Available on Redbubble.

(2) Cynder The Church Fairy Mask

Cynder is a peaceful fairy. She’s filled with love that’s why she’s in charge of the churches in the magical fairy kingdom. Purchase one from Redbubble.

(3) Betsy The Believe Fairy Mask

Betsy is in charge of ensuring that humans still believe in fairies and their magic. Her magical powers are the reason why we believe and feel the enchantments of fairies. You can buy this mask from Redbubble.

(4) Watrina The Watering Cans, Tools and Paths Fairy Mask

As a gardening fairy, Watrina is always busy. She is in charge of supplying the fairy kingdoms with the necessary tools that fairies need for their fairy gardens. This is available on Redbubble.

(5) Florinda The Fairy Of Easter Cheer Mask

Florinda may be a holiday fairy but she still has an important role in the fairy kingdom. She’s responsible for spreading Easter cheer to fairies and humans. Get this mask from Redbubble.

The Fairy Mask Movement is more than just about the masks. Each fairy represents a remarkable character and magic that we, humans need, especially during these trying times. In partnership with Redbubble, TeelieTurner helps create a positive impact on everyone – one mask at a time. For each purchase, Redbubble makes a donation to the Heart to Heart International.

Got kids? Let them join in on your new hobby, too! Here are some recommended crafting products for your young ones:

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