So you plan on decking the outside of your home with holiday décor but you’re confused as to what type to use. Should you opt for ones which sparkle and shine, ones which don’t need electricity or humungous inflatable ones?

We’ve put together the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can better decide which holiday outdoor decorations will fit your budget and lifestyle most.

holiday wreath

Garlands and Wreaths Holiday Décor

The classic garlands and wreaths holiday decorations combine shades of green and red but nowadays, other colors are also integrated in fresher, newer designs. The overall tone and impression of the décor depends, in part, on the type of flowers and plants used in garlands and wreaths holiday decorations. Red and yellow are often linked to happiness and joy.

This type of outdoor holiday décor doesn’t consume any electricity at all. They are easy to put up and you can install them anywhere, provided that the area has a fixed structure you can mount the garlands and wreaths on.

Unfortunately, this type of holiday décor can’t be seen in the dark. As it doesn’t light up, one can only appreciate wreaths and garlands during the day. This won’t be a problem though if your outdoor area is well-lighted.

3pc snowman

Light-Up Holiday Décor

Sparkly and shiny, outdoor holiday decorations are eye candies with their glittering lights. They light up the outdoors while adding aesthetic value to your home. They come in different forms and shapes – from snowmans to Santa Clauses in sleighs.

But all that sparkle comes with a price as this type of holiday decoration consumes electricity. They can also be a fire hazard if not installed properly or if you’ve purchased low quality and/or defective products.

inflatable santa

Inflatable and Collapsible Holiday Décor

Outdoor holiday decorations which need some blowing up or setting up are also trending nowadays. The inflatable ones are often huge and so, they make great decorations outside.

However, inflatable holiday décor need some time to pull off. That is, you’ll have to spend a bit of time blowing it up before you can set it in place. Collapsible holiday décor also needs some time putting up but not as much as the inflatable ones.

This kind of holiday outdoor decoration wins the putting away and storage department, though. Simply deflate or collapse into a thin décor piece which is perfectly sized for stowing. That’s the great thing about inflatable and collapsible décor – they’re never too bulky to store for next year!

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