Christmas And New Year party table on wine rack background.

With tons of recipes promising scrumptious food this holiday season, planning what to serve for the big meal can be a daunting task. From appetizers to drinks, here are 7 classic holiday food we know will never go wrong!

Holiday Appetizers on the platter


These bite-sized goodness should be light enough to still make space for the big meal yet filling enough to tidy everyone over until the real munch. More importantly, they should be quite tasty!

Traditional Sliced Honey Glazed Ham Ready for the Holidays


They come in all sizes, shapes and glaze but in the end, it’s really all about the coming together of flavors. You should know, other red meats are also fast becoming Christmas staples like beef, lamb and even goat!



Because not everyone will be pleased with an all-red-meat Christmas table, turkey, chicken and goose have also long entered the holiday table. And much like their red meat counterparts, they also need a little loving on the flavor department, usually courtesy of the stuffing.

Christmas fruit cake decorated with holly and berries

Fruit Cake

Everyone always has room for dessert – especially on Christmas! The classic fruit cake will go a long long way with its rich flavor, thanks to that very familiar combination of fruits, nuts and a little brandy, perhaps?

Apple cider with cinnamon sticks and anise star in apple cups

Apple Cider With Cinnamon

Another favorite to warm us up this cold month! You can practically tweak apple cider recipes to your liking – hot, spiced and even spiked!

Tasty food pancakes with meat on a holiday and Christmas decor

Christmas Pancakes

The culprit of the delicious smell that wakes you up on Christmas morning! Pancakes have long been part of breakfast, no doubt about that but you can always amp things up to make the usual patties extra special and Christmas-y! Frost them? Wrap them up? Do a Christmas pancake tree? Oh, those little hands will be more than willing to help!

Hot chocolate and Christmas gingerbread on wooden table

Hot Chocolate

The perfect partner to your Christmas pancakes in the morning or perhaps those gingerbread cookies! Whatever you feel like pairing with this hearty drink won’t change the warmth and comfort a cup of hot chocolate brings!

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