Interior designers and home design experts have spoken. The must have style for your home this 2016 is here! It’s time to revamp your place with the latest home design staples. Unique, perky shapes and a touch of old fashioned are in store for your homes. Read this post to find out. Don’t worry; we included the items you can instantly get.

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Wall Street Journal interviewed several designers and they stated that the perfect pieces for your home should have perky or geometrical shapes. You can fill your living room with a diamond shaped chair or angular accent drum table. For the walls and floor, gold or metallic colors are in. Cover your windows with elegant gold curtains.  Sisal and jute rugs are also on the spotlight of home’s latest must haves. A sisal rug is brilliant for your tiled or wooden floors.



HouseBeautiful (.com) also suggests tribal patterns for your homes. A good example of that will be a table runner with ethnic accents.

The latest Michael and Korrs Collection presented by Vogue are about blue prints on white. A dragon bowl inspired with the said detail will be your new and trendy tableware. Old fashioned designs are also desired for your homes. Chairs that resemble vintage details will be impressive in your kitchen or dining rooms. Take note that plain white or dark colored furniture are out.



Since designers are indeed pushing the metal and rustic look and hues this year, you can get a uniquely shaped mirror for your rooms. An angular glass table lamp will also fit the trendy theme.

For other furniture, a metallic accent table is superb. Avoid bright or pop colors as they will ruin or contrast your room’s look. For the bed and pillows, you can still use white or plain sheets to accentuate the metallic accents you’ve place.


The home trends for 2016 are very versatile. It’s up to you on how you can experiment tribal patterns with peculiar shapes and metallic colors. Just remember to have fun and enjoy giving your home a trendy makeover.

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