How to Create Your Own Halloween-Themed Busy Box

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There’s no denying that everyone, especially the kids, love Halloween. However, this year’s trick or treating events may be put on hold if you are one of the many, who are not willing to risk the safety of your children. What now? Is Halloween ruined for them? Don’t worry! Just bring the party to your home. You can still make this year’s Halloween memorable for your little ones. All you have to do is create a Halloween-themed busy box for them.

What is a Busy Box?


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If you are new to the term, a busy box is a box that’s filled with different activities for kids of various ages. All activities are curated with the children in mind. Each activity will keep the kids busy while parents get a breather. Busy boxes are also a great way to lessen the children’s screen time. Activities range from crafting to reading. These boxes promote motor skills, creativity, and imagination.


Creating a Halloween-themed Busy Box for Your Kids


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It may look intimidating but creating a busy box is easy. It’s so much fun thinking of activities your kids might enjoy. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own Halloween busy box. Follow these steps to create busy boxes that your kids will enjoy.

  1. Select a theme. Of course, we’re doing a Halloween theme. However, the beauty of making a busy box is that you can think of any theme and work your way from there. If your kids love unicorns, you can create a unicorn-themed busy box for them. Choose a theme that your kids will love.
  2. Plan the activities. Halloween-related activities are a must when you’re planning this busy box. Find crafting activities like DIY ghost decors, paint-your-own pumpkins, Halloween-themed coloring books, and more.
  3. List down the materials. Once you’re thought of the activities you’re going to include in the box, you can finally list down the materials you need. School supplies like paint, glue, and crayons are some basic staples of a busy box. You just need to list down essential supplies that your children will need for each activity.
  4. Search for suppliers. Look for suppliers and purchase the best deal. Based on experience, it’s best to purchase in bulk to get discounts. This strategy applies only if you are making a lot of busy boxes for your kids, as well as other family members, or if you’re planning to give them out this Halloween.
  5. Make it pretty. Finally, make the boxes pretty and presentable. Include paper fillers for act as cushion and to make the insides presentable. Print decorative and personalized Halloween-themed labels for the boxes.

These simple steps will help you curate a busy box for your kids this Halloween. Just remember to set a budget to avoid overspending on the boxes. If you don’t have any idea on what activities to include in your box, you can check out this video:

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You can also view this video to have an idea on how to start the curating process.

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Basic Items to Include in a Busy Box


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You can include as many items you want in your busy box. However, you can also stick to the basics if you are on a budget. These are some basic items that you can include in your Halloween-themed box.

(1) Darice Paper Mache Pumpkin

Instead of carving pumpkins, kids can enjoy and easy activity without the mess. Get this paper mache pumpkin and let your kids design their own. You can put their artworks on display once they are dry. This paper mache pumpkin is 4 inches by 6.5 inches in size. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(2) Crayola Washable Kids Paint Set and Paintbrush

Since you’re planning an artful event at home, this paint and paintbrush set is perfect. Opt for washable paint, especially when you have small kids. It’s easy to clean and wash so you won’t have to worry about the mess. It has 18 colors and a paintbrush for each set. You can purchase this in singles or 2, 3, and 6 packs. You can order this from Amazon.

(3) Artilicious All Purpose Paint Brush Value Pack

You can also include a variety of brushes for your kids to experiment on. They can try our different brush strokes and painting techniques using this brush value pack. These brushes work well with different types of paints such as oil, acrylic, tempera, gouache, and watercolor. Order yours now on Amazon.

(4) KUUQA Waterproof Children Art Smock

Art can be fun but it can also be messy. It’s a type of mess that you’re willing to allow your kids to make, since it enables them to explore their creativity. However, you can minimize the paint mess by including an art smock in your box. This smock also has three pockets that your kids can use to keep their brushes, paints, and other art materials with them during their crafting time. This is available on Amazon.

(5) Primo Halloween Scented Playdough

Playdough is also a good idea for a busy box inclusion. It allows kids to create whatever comes to their minds. This 3-Pack set is expecially made for Halloween. The set includes 3 different scented playdoughs. The purple one is called Witches Brew, which has a grape scent. The orange one is called Pumpkin, which has a pumpkin scent. Lastly, the black one is called Black Licorice, which has a black licorice scent. These are made with non toxic and kid safe ingredients. You can order this set from Amazon.

(6) Jollylife 15-Piece Halloween Cookie Cutters

If you’re going to include playdoughs in your box, you can also include cookie cutters. Choose Halloween-themed ones such as this set to complete the theme. This set includes a spider, skull, ghost, pumpkin, bat, tombstone, cat, witch hat, candy, owl, broom, and cauldron. Kids are going to love using these to create different shapes with their playdough! You can order this set from Amazon.

(7) Dawn Mitchell Super Sticker Activity: Tricks and Treats Paperback Sticker Book

Any activity is always fun with stickers! This sticker book contains a variety of spooky, yet adorable Halloween creatures. The 32-page book is filled with fun and interactive activities, as well as more than 75 puffy stickers. Purchase this from Amazon.

(8) Neliblu Halloween Fun Coloring Books

This set includes 24 pieces of fun Halloween-themed coloring books. It’s a great alternative to candy, when you’re planning on giving it away. Kids will be busy for hours as these books are filled with fun pages to color. You can buy a 24-piece set on Amazon.

(9) Auney 50-Piece Halloween Stampers

These self inking stamps are also a great addition to the busy box. You can give each kid 2 or more stamps as this box has A LOT! It includes different designs like vampires, bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and many more. You can order this on Amazon.

(10) Rhode Island Novelty Store Assorted Halloween Bubbles Package

There’s nothing more fun than playing with bubbles! Add these spooky bubbles in your box so kids can have fun with these while they are at home or in the backyard. Each set includes 24 pieces of 2.75 inch bubbles. The designs include vampires, pumpkins, mummies, and Frankensteins. You can order a set from Amazon.

(11) Dee Best Store Doveli Jewel Pop Halloween Candy

Of course, what’s Halloween without the treats? This Halloween Jewel Pop Candy is perfect for kids who still look forward to getting their hands on their Halloween candies this year. This candy has two ring pops in apple and orange flavors. You can purchase a box with 15 ring pop candies from Amazon.

(12) Uts Store Halloween Shaped Pretzel Treat Barrels

Grab a barrel of these pretzel treats for you box! It includes 70 bags of pretzels that are shaped in bats and pumpkins. How adorable is that? These are great alternatives to candies and chocolates and kids are still going to enjoy munching on them. These pretzels are made with aged sourdough and are also cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, saturated fat-free, and kosher. Grab a barrel from Amazon.

(13) Sour Patch Store Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish Treats

This 100-Piece treat bag includes bags of Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, and Sour Patch Kids Watermelon. Each bag is perfect for giving out to trick or treaters, as well as for including in your busy box. You can order this on Amazon.

(14) Magic Water Supply Store Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler

If you want to make the boxes pretty and presentable, add these paper fillers. They also act as a cushion for all the materials you’re going to include in your busy box. This has a pound of white shredded paper fillers. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(15) Iris USA, Inc. 5 Quart Stack and Pull Clear Box

You can use corrugated boxes or mailer boxes for your Halloween-themed busy box. However, these clear storage boxes are a great option if you want to minimize waste. These are reusable and eco-friendly so kids can use them again for other storage purposes. This set comes with 10 5 quart boxes. You can order this now on Amazon.

Find more suggestions here:

Pre-Made Halloween-Themed Busy Boxes


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Don’t have time to make your own busy box this Halloween? Don’t worry! We’ve found ready made boxes that you and the kids can enjoy. Here are our top 10 favorites.

(1) Busy Kids Co Halloween Craft and Activity Box

The Boo Box is a whole lot of fun! This busy box has fun activities for kids 3 years old up to 6 years old. It includes craft instructions, DIY paper mask, foam pumpkin cutout, glitter paper cutouts, 3 wooden cutouts, sparkly Halloween stickers, paint pot and brush kit, Halloween bingo, DIY pom pom banner, glue bottle, markers, 3 halloween ornaments, Halloween stencil, and many more! Order this now on Etsy.

Here’s a positive review about this box:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes9 year old loved her craft box and started making art right away! Shipped quickly and everything was good quality. This may be a monthly thing for us! Thank you!– Kristi Lowery

(2) Kid Kits Crafts Children’s Halloween Arts and Crafts Box

This is another busy box that’s packed with activities! It’s perfect for kids aged 4 years old and above. This box includes Popsicle Head craft instructions, Monster Hand Print instructions, Paper Plate Pumpkin instructions, Make Your Own Frankenstein Stickers, Make Your Own Witch Stickers, Make Your Own Ghost Stickers, Make Your Own Pumpkin Stickers, Monster Zipper Bag, Crayola markers, Crayola crayons, googly eyes, slime ooze, apron, and many more. You can order this box from Etsy.

(3) Preeschoolin PJs Halloween Sensory Box

If you have a preschooler, this Halloween-themed sensory box is perfect for them. It’s ideal for children ages 3 years old and up. Each box includes 2.5 cups of food safe dyed rice, cauldron, mini skeleton, mini witch broom, mini witch hat, wooden scooper, 3 Halloween pumpkins, 3 Halloween erasers, 3 bat rings, 3 ping pong eyeballs, a creepy plastic finger, orange and black spider rings, 3 paper tombstones, and 10 small bones. You can order this sensory box from Etsy.

(4) Crafty Croc Box Halloween Craft Box

This Halloween-themed craft box includes a Make Your Own Pumpkin Wreath. The kids can paint and decorate their own pumpkin wreath. This includes a cardboard pumpkin wreath, wool, stickers, paint, paint brush, pom poms, and sequins. This is available on Etsy.

Here’s a positive review about this product:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesDelighted again with this box of Halloween goodies. It’s so lovely to watch these kits being made and their little faces when the item is finished and displayed. I’ve already ordered Xmas ones. Thank you Amy for a really worthwhile product.” – cozart20

(5) Crafty Croc Box Halloween Busy Box

Here’s another busy box from Craft Box. This box has a blow painting activity that kids will enjoy making. Kids can create their own ghost painting on a black canvas. This set includes a 15 cm by 15 cm black canvas, googly eyes, glue, lolly stick glue spreader, Halloween sequins, straw, and white paint. You can purchase this box from Etsy.

Read the positive review about this box here:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesSo pleased yet again with this marvellous box of goodies. So much fun for children and their helpers. Always well presented and always well received. Thank you Amy.” – cozart20

(6) Share My ART Box Halloween Creativity Box for Kids

If you’re looking for a box filled with creativity box, this is a great purchase. Each activity and items inside is hand curated for children 4 years old and above. This Halloween-themed busy box includes a 25-page blank sketchbook, art coloring pages DIY Halloween mask, Crayola colored pencils, Crayola crayons, drawing pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, pencil bag, Halloween word search activity, Halloween foam craft, Halloween canvas easel, and Halloween stickers. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(7) Kiddomood Halloween Craft Box

Create vampires, ghosts, ghouls, witches, mummies, and skeletons! This craft box will let your little ones create their favorite Halloween character! This set includes wooden peg dolls, 10 water-base color paints, a wooden pumpkin, 4 paintbrushes, fabric and paper accessories, and an activity guide. Order this now on Etsy.

(8) CocoNCompany Kid’s Halloween Activity Gift Box

Create a monster with your kids this Halloween. This busy box lets kids create their own monster, as well as their own pumpkins. It includes a Candy Monster canvas tote bag, one pumpkin, a scratch art mask, a bag of candies, 2 Halloween pencils, 4 spider rings, a vial of monster guts (aka slime), a create your own pumpkin monster decorating kit, a Halloween canvas and easel kit, and a monster greeting card. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(9) The Crafty Clarasaurus Halloween Trick or Treat Craft and Sweets Gifts

This is another spooktacular box filled with fun crafting activities. It’s perfect for kids 3 and above. Kids get to make their own witch door, their own Halloween foam mask, their DIY magnet, and so much more! You can grab this box from Etsy.

(10) Coco N Company Kids’ Halloween Busy Gift Box

Experience a fa-BOO-lous Halloween this year. This busy box has a girly twist to the usual Halloween theme. It includes pink and purple thems such as a glittery ghost canvas tote bag, a white and purple ombre pumpkin, a pink and purple wand, an adorable purple Halloween greeting card, and more. You also get a bag of candies, scratch art mask, a foam kit, and a beaded bracelet kit. Purchase this box from Etsy.

For more Halloween-themed activities, you can check these out:

Creating a Halloween-themed busy box is easy. It’s a fun thing to organize and curate. It’s also a fun surprise for the kids this Halloween. Just remember to include a variety of activities so your kids can enjoy this box. This idea is a great alternative to trick-or-treating, especially during this pandemic.

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