Denim is often seen as casual and laid back. It’s rare for men and women to wear denim, especially their jeans to work. However, we still appreciate that one day when we are allowed to wear denim to the office. Even though there are times when denim is permitted at work, we should remember to keep our outfit professional. After all, you’re still going to work, not a party.

Denim and Office Denim Wear Tips

Having a relaxed and more casual dress code in the office means you have a lot of room to be as creative as possible when it comes to your outfit. You just need to mix the right pieces together so you can still stick to your office’s dress code and show off your own personal style. Here are some useful tips you might want to consider when you plan on wearing denim to work.

1. Find denim jeans in classic cuts.


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Since you’re wearing your denim jeans to work, avoid cuts and styles that are made for street wear. Instead, go for classic cuts that are tailored and sleek.

2. Go for darker shades.


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Denims have a variety of washes. If you’re wearing them to the office, choose dark. It’s the most appropriate shade or wash that works well in the corporate setting. Dark denims are easy to pair with tailored and structured top that are suitable for the workplace.

3. Press your jeans.


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You may be used to wearing your wrinkly jeans anywhere. However, when you’re wearing them to the office, you need to make sure that they are pressed, dry cleaned or ironed. They make your entire outfit look professional.

4. Get the right fit.


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Make sure that you choose the jeans with the right fit. Avoid getting the ones that are too small or too large. Otherwise, you will end up looking like you went to work in casual or street wear.

5. Go for other denim pieces.


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Aside from jeans, you can also try other denim pieces such as a denim dress, denim jacket, or denim skirt. Simply pair it with your more formal pieces to complete a more polished look for the office.

Pair your denim with business wear.


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Avoid looking too casual by pairing your denim with business wear. These pieces will balance out your outfit, making it appropriate for work. Just remember to avoid wearing denim on denim.

Top Denim Wear for the Office


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Here is a list of denim pieces that you can wear to the office without looking unprofessional.

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(1) Potassium Denim Skinny Jeans

This pair is a refreshing addition to your denim collection, as it can be worn casually or to work. A pair of skinny jeans may seem intimidating but the right size can flatter your curves and your body. You can purchase this pair from Zulily.

(2) Black Levanta Pompis Five-Pocket Denim Jeans

If you’re not ready to try skinny jeans yet, you can just get this classic cut denim jeans. It looks great with flats or heels. Wear a business top to create a more professional looking ensemble. You can buy this from Zulily.

(3) J Brand Perfect Denim Shirtdress

You can also wear a denim dress to work as long as you know how to style it accordingly. You can opt for this shirtdress with a belted waist to add a more sophisticated feel to a normally casual wear. Pair it with heels and accessorize to complete your look. Get one here.

(4) A.P.C. Therese Denim Skirt

This black denim skirt is very versatile because you can pair it with a top of any color or shade. Tuck your business shirt in and wear your power heels to create that “I Mean Business” look. You can grab this here.

(5) Sea Deja Denim Skirt

Here is another roption if you want to wear a denim skirt to work. It features a belted waist and is ankle length. You can wear it with your formal flats and a tucked in business top. You don’t even need to accessorize as the skirt is a great accessory as it is. You can purchase this here.

6                      7                      8                      9                      10

(6) Brown Empereal Premium Jeans

If you want to try another shade, you can try this brown pair of premium jeans. It is appropriate for work as it has a certain business feel to it. Make sure to get a flattering fit to make it easier for you to dress it up. You can get it from Zulily.

(7) Zero + Maria Cornejo Hex Denim Shrug

This denim shrug is a unique piece that lets you easily wear denim to work. Just wear it with your business slacks, as well as a pair of heels, and you’re all set for the office. You can purchase it here.

(8) Indigo Denim Lightweight Military Jacket

Add a bit of masculinity to your usual business wear with this lightweight military jacket. Show them you mean business with this denim top. Wear it with your dress pants and your favorite pair of heels. You can buy it from Zulily.

(9) Michael Kors Denim Blouse

This denim blouse is also work-friendly. It has a simple yet classic style that you can wear to the office anytime you want to dress down yet still look professional. Purchase one here.

(10) Denim Bell Sleeve Shift Dress

This is a fashion piece that requires minimal styling. Just wear it and pair it with heels or flats whenever it’s dress down Friday at the office. Wear a necklace if you want to add more shine to your ensemble. You can get it from Zulily.

Grab these denim finds and try to create professional looks that you can wear to work. Denim may seem too casual but with the right clothes and accessories, you can create an outfit that would pass your HR’s dress code.

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