Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. However, if you’re single, you might feel a little blue because you don’t have someone to share this day with. Don’t worry! Even if you’re single, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day without feeling down. In fact, it’s the perfect day to celebrate your single status. This year, throw a Valentine’s Day party with your single friends to celebrate your independence. These are some ways you can throw a single’s party on Valentine’s Day to remember.

Send out interesting invites.

For some, being single is an issue. Therefore, you need to make an invite that won’t offend any single. Your invite should be interesting enough so your friends will surely go to it.

Have a signature drink.

Create a signature drink that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s wine, champagne, or your signature cocktail concoction, you can create a drink that everyone will surely love.

Create your menu.

When hosting a singles party, you need to prepare your menu. If you’re inviting other people aside from your friends, you can stray away from food that are heavy on garlic, onion, and other ingredients that may cause bad breath. You’ll never know if romance can spark between your single guests.

Mind the decors.

Forget the hearts, reds, and pink. Decorate your party using festive and colorful decors. Add lights, balloons, and streamers that are lively and vibrant.

Think of party entertainment.

Lastly, you need to think of entertainment for your party. You can ask your guests to bring a gift that you can exchange with other guests. Start a dance battle. Set up a photo booth. You can even think of party games that your guests would want to participate in. Be Creative. There are many ways to keep your guests entertained.

Singles Valentine’s Day Party Essentials

Now that you have an idea on how to start organizing your Singles’ Valentine’s Day party, it’s time to get decorating! Get these party essentials to create a party that your guests can enjoy.

1. Party Invite

Get the word out using these witty invites. Let your guests know the details of your party and make sure they RSVP. Purchase these Valentine’s Day Donut Party Invitations from Amazon.

2. Disposable Cutlery

Ditch your plates at home and use these disposable cutlery instead. It makes it easier for you to accommodate additional, as well as unexpected guests. Using these ones also makes it easier for you to clean up after the party. You can purchase this Fancy Disposable Gold and Ivory Dinnerware Set from Amazon.

3. Party Cups

What’s a party without the drinks? With your signature drink, your guests are sure to keep coming back for more. Get these party cups to keep your guests occupied while they drink throughout the party. Grab these DRINKET Gold Plastic Cups here.

4. Photo Booth Set Up

Add entertainment to your party by setting up a photo booth. Get this golden backdrop instead of the usual red and pink to stray away from the Valentine’s Day theme. You can buy this Artunique 23-Piece Gold Party Decorations and Party Supplies from here.

5. Photo Booth Props

If you’re setting up a photo booth, be sure to get some props. They make taking pictures extra fun. Choose fun and quirky ones to make sure your guests are truly entertained. Purchase this Keklle Photo Booth Props from Amazon.

6. Party Decors

Keep your party colorful using these party decors. Add a lot of them to make your party even livelier. You can get these Pink and Gold Party Decorations from here.

7. Jello Shots

Aside from your signature drink, it’s also a great idea to add some jello shots to your party. They are a unique way to drink and they add another form of entertainment to your party. You can buy these Squeeze n’ Please Jello Shot Syringes here.

8. Fairy Lights

Add lights to your party using fairy lights. They are a great addition to your party decorations because they make them pop. Use them to decorate your entire venue, a swell as your photo booth area. Purchase these LED Fairy String Lights from Amazon.

9. Disco Ball

Start a dance party as your event progresses. A disco ball makes dancing fun and colorful. Install it during your party, and you, as well as your guests, can dance the night away. Get the Vnina Disco Ball Party Lights from here.

10. Karaoke Mic

You can also get everyone to sing their hearts out by including a karaoke mic to your party essentials. Your guests can sing whatever song they want, even if they are the sappiest and saddest song ever. Buy the Ankuka Wirelses Karaoke Microphones from Amazon.

Organize a Valentine’s Day party for singles easily using these helpful tips. You and your single friends can finally enjoy Valentine’s Day without feeling sorry you don’t have a date. Get more party ideas from Read more about our Valentine’s Day posts below:

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