Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese culture. Anything kawaii may be a cute animal or anything that has a loveable face on it. Kawaii culture started in Japan in the 1970s. Japanese youth and teenagers developed their very own handwriting that’s childlike known as burikko ji, maru ji, or koneko ji. From kawaii handwriting, the whole new meaning of the word evolved into something bigger.



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Today, kawaii culture is spread from toy dolls and figures, to something as simple as an eraser. Since it’s going to be school season soon, there’s nothing like kawaii back to school supplies that can brighten up your day. We have our favorite kawaii school supplies that are perfect for you, as well as your kids!


Add-to-Cart-Worthy Kawaii Back to School Supplies

kawaii back to school supplies, back to school supplies

We cannot help but fall head over heels over these kawaii back to school supplies! We’ve got cute erasers, anti stress notebooks, yummy-looking pens, and many more! Here are our top 10 favorite kawaii supplies that you should get right now.

(1) Jollii Cute Animal Pencils

These cute animal pencils will make you want to write just about anything. These come with adorable panda, dino, bear, and hamster prints. These HB pencils are great for doodling, writing, and drawing. You can choose from Blue, Peach, White, and Green designs. You can purchase these from Etsy.

(2) youbuyweship Cute Owl Pencil Sharpener

Aren’t these owl pencil sharpeners just adorable? This pencil sharpener is a great addition to your kawaii school supplies this year. It’s handy and can fit into your pencil case. Everytime you sharpen your pencils, you cannot help but smile when you see the cute owl. These sharpeners are available in Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow colors. Order yours from Etsy.

(3) CreateryStore Anti Stress Notebook, Journal and Planner

Aside from the adorable soft cover, each notebook page is decorated with complete cuteness. Every turn of the page will just put a smile on your face. These notebooks are available in 5 designs – Cactus, Bunny, Peachy, Carrot, and Piggy. Grab these from Etsy.

(4) MyKawaiiCrate Tiny Cactus Pencil Erasers

You’ll love these kawaii cactus pencil erasers, especially if you’re into succulents. Each pack includes 5 different succulent designs. The parts can also be separated. These cute erasers are available on Etsy.

(5) Jollii Pocky Stick Gel Pens

Pocky lovers are sure to love these Pocky-inspired gel pens, too! They may look yummy and cute but these are made for jotting down notes, drawing, or simply writing down whatever ideas you might have in mind. Design shades are Pale Pink / Chocolate, Pale Pink / Pink, Green, Gray, Chocolate, and Dark Pink. You can buy these from Etsy.

(6) EverythingisOK8 Magnetic Cat Bookmark

Keep tabs on your current reads, notes, and assignments using these magnetic cat bookmarks. Each set includes a cat magnet, as well as a kitty paw magnet. You can choose from 4 different styles or you can purchase all four designs as a set. Order yours now on Etsy.

(7) MyKawaiiCrate Pink Flamingo Oversized Paper Clip

Keep your paperwork organized using these oversized paper clips. These clips are shaped like flamingoes so these will surely brighten even the dullest lessons in school. You can purchase a set of 4, 8, 12, or 24. Purchase these cute clips from Etsy.

(8) Iddqtpie Kawaii Anime Milk Carton Pencil Case

These pencil cases remind you of cute milk cartons that you often see in Anime cartoons or in Japan. These cases are made from PU leather and features a zipper to easily seal pens, pencils, and other stationery inside. You can choose from 4 designs – Blue (Milk), Red (Caramel Milk), Yellow (Banana Milk), and Pink (Strawberry Milk). You can buy one from Etsy.

(9) DubuDumo Green Tea Memo Pad

This memo pad is just super adorable. You can spread good vibes with every memo you send with this. It comes in a kawaii green tea packaging that’s too pretty to open. Use this to post reminders or even encouraging notes to yourself, to your classmates, or to whoever you have in mind. You can buy this on Etsy.

(10) PapereriaCo Cute Carrot Press Type Correction Tape

Who would have thought that this cute carrot is a correction tape? You can use this for your notes, your documents, or even your scrapbooks and craft projects. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, this adorable school supply is a must have. You can order this from Etsy.


Grab them in Sets!



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Kawaii back to school supplies are also available in sets! Check these cute ones out!

(1) EnjoyMiracles Creative Carrot Series Kawaii Stationery Set

Even if you are not a fan of carrots, you’ll still want to buy this entire set because each item is just so kawaii! From the pencil case to the erasers, the items included in this stationery set will make school days better. You can order this entire set on Etsy.

(2) LushNewYork Teal Desk Organizer Set

There may not be a cute face posted on these organizers but they are cute on their own. These organizers will keep everything on your desk in place while adding some needed charming personality to your work area. You can purchase this set from Etsy.

(3) SugarLagoon Meowgical Stationery Set

Cat lovers are sure to go giddy over this magical cat stationery set. It includes cat-themed artworks, bookmarks, stickers, craft tape, notepads, pencils, and many more. You can grab a set from Etsy.

(4) PinkLittleDaisy Stationery Gift Set

Here’s another beautiful stationery set for your desk or workspace. Each set includes a pencil sharpener, eraser, heart-shaped planner clips, gold heart-shaped push pins, gold lightning paper clips, pencils with erasers, sticky notes, and a notepad. You can buy this from Etsy.

(5) BujoMarks Hello Kitty Planner Gift Set Box

Finally the most famous kawaii character of all, Hello Kitty! This Hello Kitty-inspired set includes a Hello Kitty Hobonichi Paper Cover in A6 size, a planner refillable notebook, a Hello Kitty fountain pen with three ink refills, a Hello Kitty sticker sheet, one pair of mini scissors, a planner pendant, 2 gold binder clips, one roll of washi tape, a 2-tier paper drawer, and a user’s manual. This set is available on Etsy.


Don’t forget these cute face masks!

kawaii back to school supplies, back to school supplies

Image Credit: RedBubble.com

Now that wearing face masks is the new norm, choose a mask that brings out your kawaii personality. Don’t miss out on these cute face masks featuring the magical fairies from Teelie’s Fairy Garden!

(1) Teelie Turner Pastel Unicorns at Play™ Mask

Pastel colors just make everything better! Shades of purple, blue, green, pink, and coral are beautifully blended and created into a face mask for kids and adults. Purchase this from RedBubble.

(2) Teelie Turner Mazu The Mermaid Fairy™ Mask

If you love mermaids, this is the face mask for you. It features Mazu the Mermaid Fairy who’s in charge of bridging the mermaid world and the fairy kingdom. Order yours now on RedBubble.

(3) Green Fairy Helpers in Tommy Tinker’s Village™ Mask

The Green fairies are here to help Tommy Tinker’s Village! These little sprites are helping build businesses in the village of Tommy Tinker. You can buy one here.

(4) Rhyssa the Rainbow Fairy™ Mask

Bring happiness and sunshine anywhere with you. This Rhyssa the Rainbow Fairy mask is full of sunny and festive spirit. Whenever you’re feeling down, all you need is the colorful spirit of Rhyssa the Rainbow Fairy. This is available on RedBubble.

(5) Pastel Surprise™ Mask

Lastly, another pastel design that brings out your colorful smile. This mask is full of positivity and personality. Grab yours from here.

Kawaii back to school supplies are super cute and they bring positivity to everyone. One look is all it takes for someone to go, “aaawww…” Aside from their cuteness, these school supplies will make you want to study more.


Here are other cute school supplies we’ve found.


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