Traveling with your pet? Sweet! Surely, your beloved ‘housemate’ deserves to see the world, too! And, lucky you- you’ve just landed the noble duty of ‘pet-sitting’! Brilliant pet travel tips on the go!


Leaving on an Airplane

Here’s the hurtful truth- pets on air travel aren’t safe. Brachycephalic animals or those with cute ‘pushed in’ faces such as bulldogs, Persian cats, and pugs are in serious danger to take in planes. They have short nasal passages that they could be vulnerable to heat stroke and oxygen deprivation. Contact the airline first if you can bring your cat and dog in the cabin with you. If yes, would they oblige for a specific carrier kind or any health and immunization prerequisites? If their only option is to transport your pet in a cargo hold, then you must be extra cautious. Use direct flight as possible, be on the same flight as your pet, notify the plane staff once you get aboard that your plane is in the cargo, get your pet a fitting carrier and label completely with your name, permanent address, contact number and final destination.


Cruising with your pet

Taking your pet in a ship is welcomed on a number of cruise lines only, usually on ocean crossings. Some allow pets inside private cabins only but most lines confine them to kennels.  Contact the cruise line ahead and ask for their animal policies.

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Train travel

The Humane Society of the US (HSUS) actively promotes H.R. 2066/S 1710 or Pets on Trains Act that permits passengers to bring their pets aboard certain trains.  Just don’t forget to feed and exercise your pets during station stops.

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In the Car with your Pet

Pets should behave.  Pets, especially dogs and cats, need to be placed in a crate, safely anchored to the vehicle using a seatbelt or other ways. Restraining your pets will keep your dog in one place, not roaming around the car and distracting you.


Front seats are for humans. Know that your pets belong in the back seat, not the front. In crash cases, inflated airbag can injure your pet even when he’s in a crate.

Heads inside please. During car travel, keep your pet safely inside your car. Never even allow to transport your beloved friend at the back of an open pickup truck. Their head should be kept inside, not out of the window as they could accidentally breathe debris or cold air that might be forced into their lungs.


Your Pet Deserves More Breaks. Get more frequent stops and get your pet to stretch and eliminate. Always keep his collar, ID tag and leash on, when going out of the car.

Another human buddy helps. If possible, bring along another pal and get another hand on driving and pet care duties. That way, you can get food and use facilities during stops while your buddy guards your other buddy.

Never Leave your Pet Alone. Waiting inside the car is not your pet’s thing. It’d be too hot for him to handle- 72 degree Fahrenheit outside can heat up to 116 degrees inside a car within an hour.  You might be held up for 30 minutes and return just to find your dear friend suffering from heatstroke- induced irreversible organ damage, worse death!

Food, Driving and Pets

Avoid feeding your pet before the trip. Animals are prone to motion sickness. Feed him up during breaks with small protein- rich snack. Even on plane travels, fast your pets for at least 6 hours.

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Crating is Haven

A crate is not a prison; it’s your pet’s safe haven. There are just techniques you must remember:

  • Well exercise your dog first before crating. If he’s exhausted his extra energy, he’ll likely to rest.
  • Inspect your crate for harmful items before use. Leashes and loose collars can be strangling danger.
  • Make the crate ‘appealing’ to the dog. Open it for him and make him comfortable.
  • Do some initial ‘training’ on crating. Observe your dog’s readiness.

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You and your pet out to see the world? Sounds exciting! Make it fun too for you and your pet. Keep calm and prepare!

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