DIY Birthday Party Ideas While on Lockdown

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Drive by birthday parties, as well as Zoom party celebrations, are now replacing the traditional way of celebrating birthdays. From the usual parties with friends and families, people are now adjusting to the new ways of commemorating yearly milestones. Although we are now going through a different kind of doing certain things, it should stop us from having a DIY party at home. Part of the fun of having a birthday party is the preparation and decoration process. Here are some DIY birthday party ideas that are unique, easy and fun to do.

Lockdown DIY Birthday Party Ideas



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Birthday celebrants, especially the kids, may feel down when they celebrate their birthdays stuck at home. However, there’s nothing to feel sad about. With drive in celebrations trending nowadays, here are some lockdown DIY birthday party ideas that can give you inspiration n how to decorate your home for a once in a lifetime lockdown birthday celebration.

Quarantine Lockdown Birthday



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Here’s a birthday party theme that’s obviously fitting because of whatever’s going on right now. A quarantined birthday party theme is not only a pun-ny way to celebrate a birthday, but also a chance to raise awareness of what’s going on right now. To create this party, grab these DIY party essentials:

(1) Printable Quarantine Birthday Cake Toppers

Get this instantly and add a fun twist to your regular cupcakes. This set is easily downloadable. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(2) Quarantine Birthday Party Sign

This is a great addition to your lockdown birthday party. Even if no one’s invited, you can still add fun to your party. This sign will let you remember that one of a kind birthday party you threw in 2020! You can get this sign from Etsy.

(3) Quarantine Birthday Photobooth Props

Take memorable snapshots of the birthday. These photobooth props are sure to add extra fun to your photos. You can buy the downloadable files from Etsy.

(4) Caution Barricade Fabric

Add a more detailed décor to your party using this fabric Caution barricade. You can use this as a backdrop for your photobooth or an added decoration for the birthday celebration. You can buy this from Etsy.

(5) Caution Birthday Yard Sign

Since drive by birthdays are a thing today, this yard sign will totally show your “guests” where the party is. Place it on your lawn or in front of your house and the partygoers are sure to honk to greet the celebrant a happy birthday. Purcchase this from Etsy.

(6) Quarantine Birthday Party Favor Boxes

Pack all your party favors into one box. This made to order boxes are easy to assemble and equally easy to carry around. Perfect for a drive in birthday. You can purchase these from Etsy.

(7) Drive By Birthday Party Hand Sanitizer Printable Label

Since you’re hosting a quarantined birthday party, adding hand sanitizer to your giveaways is not only theme-appropriate, but also useful. These printable labels are customizable to the birthday celebrant’s name and theme. You can get these from Etsy.

(8) Toilet Paper Roll Sugar Cookies

Who won’t be able to have a good laugh at these adorable (and not to mention witty) toilet paper roll-shaped cookies? These are baked fresh and delivered just in time for the party. You can grab these sweet treats from Etsy.

(9) Quarantine Birthday Celebration Printable Stickers

Use the birthday party to raise awareness. These printable stickers are cute but they can also serve a purpose. They can remind everyone that staying safe at home can help stop spread COVID-19. Purchase these from Etsy.

(10) Qiana the Outdoor Gardening FairyMask

What’s a quarantine birthday lootbag without a face mask? New normal now means wearing face masks outside. This cute yellow mask with a Qiana the Outdoor Gardening FairyÔis a great addition to your party giveaways. You can purchase this mask from Redbubble.

Harry Potter Birthday



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Potterheads are everywhere. Regardless of their age, Harry Potter fans were all touched by the magic and wonder of each Harry Potter book. A DIY Harry Potter birthday may seem intimidating but with the right decors and a bit of creative magic, you’ll be able to pull off this theme even when at home. Here are some party essentials you need to have for this theme:

1. Harry Potter Balloons

These themed balloons will add color and fun to a Harry Potter-themed party. These self-sealing foil mylar balloons can be inflated using helium or air. Keep in mind to exercise precaution when using helium. Buy these balloons on Etsy.

2. Printable Harry Potter Banner

Get this digital banner with all the Hogwarts houses’ crests. This banner is easy to assemble. Simply print out the copy, cut, and attach to a string for an instant decorative banner. You can get the files from Etsy.

3. Harry Potter 7-Piece Party Decoration Kit

Here’s a different decoration kit for the party. Add these elements for a more exciting and festive celebration. This kit includes 2 honeycomb centerpieces, 1 banner, and 4 handing decorative swirls. Buy this kit from Etsy.

4. Light Up Handmade Sorting Hats

Made with polymer clay and foam boards, these sorting hats are handmade and hand sculpted. These add a unique effect to a Harry Potter birthday party. These are made to order and required 3 up to 5 days lead time. Purchase these unique decors from Etsy.

5. 24-Piece Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers feature the four houses of Hogwarts – Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Guests are sure to get excited as it feels like they’re being sorted to their houses using these cupcake toppers. You can grab these from Etsy.

6. Golden Snitch Medium-Sized Pinata

Young and old wizards are sure to love this golden snitch piñata! It’s a great game during a house party. Whack the piñata to get surprise treats inside. This medium-sized piñata can hold up to 5 pounds of sweet treats. Lead time is 2-3 weeks so it’s better to order yours ahead of time. Purchase this from Etsy.

7. Harry Potter Party Bags

Made from muslin cotton, these favor bags are printed with the famous Harry Potter line, “I solemnly swear I am up to a great alternano good.” These are 5×7-inches in size and a very practical favor bag choice. These are reusable and available in other sizes. Have yours customized on Etsy.

8. Harry Potter-Inspired Party Favor Wands

Of course, you need to include these handmade wands in your party loot! Your guests can practice their favorite spells with these unique and creative wands. You can buy these from Etsy.

9. Harry Potter Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels

You can have your hand sanitizer customized to fit mini hand sanitizers. These labels can be personalized depending on your preference. Each order includes 24 stickers that are easy to peel off and stick. You can get your own labels on Etsy.

10. On the Wings of an OwlMask

Doesn’t this cute owl remind you of Harry’s pet owl, Hedwig? Potterheads are going to remember Harry’s trusty owl when they wear this fabric mask. It’s just appropriate to include this in your party favor bags, since face masks are now going to be a part of our daily lives. You can order from Redbubble.

Magical Fairy Garden Party



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Fairies, gnomes, toadstools, and more magical beings are going to add enchantment to your DIY party! A magical fairy garden theme is also a good choice, especially now that guests are only allowed to drive by outside your homes. You can decorate your garden using fairies and other related elements to create a homemade magical kingdom right outside your doorstep! Get these decors and favor ideas for this party:

(1) Chakra Prayer Flags Rainbow Batik Buntings

These beautiful flags are handmade from batik fabrics. These buntings will add more color to your fairy garden party. In addition, you can leave it hanging on your garden to keep it looking lively and vibrant. You can order yours on Etsy.

(2) Toadstool Cut Out Standee

These cute toadstool standees are great decors for a fairy garden party. Place then on the garden, along your driveway or in front of your doorstep. These handmade cardboard cutouts will make the party look like a magical fairy celebration. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(3) Gnome Garland

What’s a fairy garden party without gnomes? Add these to your decors and your party preps are almost complete. These cute little creatures are sure to liven up the party. You can buy this garland from Etsy.

(4) KINGLAKE Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pots

Flower pots have dual purpose. These hanging flower pots can serve as a party décor for your garden party, as well as an additional way to interact with your guests while doing social distancing. You can create a DIY floral arrangement activity while they drive by your home. Put different flowers in each pot so they can choose and arrange any flowers that they want. You can get this 10-piece set from

(5) Pacific Giftware Romantic True Gentlemen Fairy Collectible

Finally, here’s the start of the show! This beautiful fairy display is not only an additional party décor, but also a collectible that makes your garden more charming. You can buy this from

(6) My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage – Grow and Play Set

If you’re looking for a birthday gift or an activity for the kids during the special day, you can get this adorable grow and play set. This toy can keep the birthday celebrant entertained and it can introduce fairy gardening to kids at a young age. You can get this from

(7) Fairy Wings Party Favors

Give all the little fairies at the party these cute cardboard cutout wings. Each set includes 5 pairs of wings. These are handmade so it requires 3 to 5 days lead time. Order in advance on Etsy.

(8) Magical Shimmer Star Wands

Here is another cute fairy-themed party favor. Give each of your guests a star wand and they’ll truly feel like a magical fairy on the special day. You can choose the color of the wands to match your party theme. Purchase these from Etsy.

(9) The Happy Birthday Fairy – Bethany™ Sticker

Nobody knows birthdays better than Bethany, the Happy Birthday Fairy! She’s in charge of making sure that every birthday celebrant’s day is special. From the Happy Birthday songs to the birthday presents, she is always there. Get this sticker and include it in your favor bags. You can buy these from Redbubble.

(10) Green Fairies From Tommy Tinker’s Village™ Mask

Lastly, a fairy face mask should definitely be included in your favor bags. This cute fairy mask features the fairies in Tommy Tinker’s Village. This favor is both functional and fun. You can get this from Redbubble.

Rainbow Party



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Lastly, you can opt for a colorful rainbow party. This theme is easy to do but is so much fun to DIY. All the rainbow colors are fun to look at and are sure to make the birthday party extra colorful. Here are some décor essential for this party.

(1) Party in a Box

This is a DIY party made easy. This box includes all party essentials that are needed for a rainbow-themed party. Included in this kit are the following: personalized name confetti, 6 pieces of 6-inch party candles, 1 Happy Birthday banner, 5 pieces Happy Birthday balloons, a party horn blower, a birthday hat, and a gold glitter cake topper. You can get this from Etsy.

(2) 7 Flag Rainbow Bunting

Hang these flags on your windows or your party tables. This bunting includes 7 shades of the rainbow, which will bring a lot of color to the party. Made with cotton with blue bias binding. You can buy this from Etsy.

(3) Giant 34-Inch Rainbow Balloon

You don’t need to use helium for this balloon. It’s easy to inflate and set up. The cute design is just perfect for this type of party. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(4) Rainbow Balloon Garland Kit

Create beautiful balloon garlands using this kit. Your party is going to be a show stopper even if it’s a home DIY party. Get this kit from Etsy.

(5) Multicolored Party Hats Set

This set of 8 hat kit includes a variety of party hats in vibrant colors. You and your guests are sure to feel extra chipper during the party when they wear these hats. You can purchase this set from Etsy.

(6) Rainbow Treat Bags

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable favor bag, these are a great choice. You can select the size that you want, depending on the favors you’re going to put inside. You can place your orders on Etsy.

(7) Handmade Rainbow Crayons

These layered crayons are handmade using melted Crayola crayons. They are sure to be a big hit during a rainbow birthday party. It includes 6 shades – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You can order these from Etsy.

(8) Rainbow Cake Pops

Give your guests some sweet treats. Here are rainbow cake pops that are not only yummy to look at, but also sweet to the taste. One order includes 12 colorful cake pops. You can order yours as well on Etsy.

(9) Rainbow Party Favor Label

As said before, hand sanitizers are the best party favors today, since we are currently experiencing a pandemic. These favor labels will not only make your giveaways look colorful, but also spread positive vibes to your guests. You can buy these from Etsy.

(10) Pastel Surprise™ Mask

Spread happiness even when wearing a face mask. This pastel-colored mask is also a great addition to your party giveaways. The vibrant shads symbolize that better days are ahead. You can purchase this from Redbubble

These DIY party themes are easy to create. You just need the right materials and decorations to pull them off. Try these DIY birthday party ideas and you’ll learn that part of the birthday celebration fun is the organizing. Enjoy and have a memorable birthday!

Are you unfamiliar with a drive by party, watch this video to learn more about it and why it’s popular these days.

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