Because of technology, people would just invite people for thanksgiving by emails or text messages. However, traditional invitations are still the best way to let people come over and celebrate with you. Here are the most lovely thanksgiving cards in various styles you’d definitely go for. Inviting people to Thanksgiving never looked this good. Click on the description to see more.


Square is one of the most basic design of cards. You can either have the portrait or the landscape format.


A. Portrait Mandarin Thanksgiving Invitation

B. Landscape Woodstudio  Thanksgiving invitation


For a more dainty touch, round corner is a design we surely love.

round corners

A. Autumn Feast Invitation

B. Falling Branches Invitation


We love the look of bracket shaped cards with dazzling scripts. Truly captivating to look at.

Bracket Shaped

A. Amethyst Invitation

B. Neptune with Gold Invitation


Give them the “All Access” feeling with ticket inspired invitations.

Ticket type

A. Tailored Wreath Invitation

B. Gobble and Give Invitation


Another playful round decoration would be Scallop shaped invitations.


A. Fall Leaves Invitation

B. Join the Feast (Gobble) Invitation

Receiving this type of invitations would not just make them attend, they would also love to keep it with them as a wonderful memory of your sincere invite.

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