Maternity Wear for New Moms that are as Fashionable as Ever

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When women hear of maternity wear, one of the most common things that come to mind is a ballooning dress that completely covers the baby bump. They may seem unfashionable, as previous maternity fashion looks like a simple straight cut dress. However, today’s moms are lucky enough to experience maternity wear that is both fashionable and functional. Many maternity wear brands are now focusing on the expectant mom’s comfort as well as style. As a result, new moms are faced with a variety of choices that look modern and fashionable but does the job of providing support to a pregnant mom’s growing belly. We’ve found some of the cutest and most stylish maternity wear for new moms and here’s our top picks.

Hatch The Collection

Hatch The Collection

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Maternity Wear for New Moms that are as Fashionable as Ever

Maternity Wear for New Moms that are as Fashionable as Ever

Hatch is a brand that was founded by a fellow mom, Ariane Goldman in 2011. Her goal was to create maternity wear that can be used during every stage of pregnancy. Each piece is timeless and stylish that expectant women can wear before, during, and after their pregnancy journey.

It’s All About The Momma

It’s All About The Momma

It’s All About The Momma

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Hatch is dedicated to creating maternity wear that looks fashionable, sexy, and stylish. After all, you’re going through pregnancy, which is one of the most significant and most memorable events of a woman’s life. The brand is transforming how women, especially the moms look at maternity wear. Who says you can’t look and feel sexy while you’re pregnant? These are some of our favorite pieces from Hatch the Collection.

Hatch The Elenore Dress, $268 at Hatch

It’s All About The Momma

Made with breathable cotton poplin fabric, The Elenore Dress is a comfortable dress that will make you want to wear it everyday. It has an elegant design that features a ruffled skirt, boat neckline, eyelet buttons, and side seam pockets. It has a feminine touch that gives off an effortless fashion and style.

Hatch The Ariella Dress, $288 at Hatch

Hatch The Ariella Dress

Look (and feel) like a Greek goddess in The Ariella Dress. It’s a loose scoop neck dress that is perfect for the hot summer season. It easily drapes over the body and provides a flattering shape for your baby bump. The side slits make it easier for you to move and it adds an added feminine effect.

Hatch The Georgie Jumper, $278 at Hatch

Hatch The Georgie Jumper

The Georgie Jumper is a cool take on maternity wear. Who says you can’t keep up with the trends while you’re pregnant? This black jumper is not only easy to wear but also stylish. Wear it with heels or with a comfy pair of sneakers to complete your look. You’ll definitely wear this until after you give birth.

Hatch The Cotton Maxi Dress, $188 at Hatch

Hatch The Cotton Maxi Dress

This dress is elegant and feminine. It’s a maxi dress that you can wear for casual wear or for a dinner out with your friends. It has an A-line fit that is wearable. It has a breathable fabric, making this a perfect dress for someone who’s expecting.

Hatch The Julienne Dress, $298 at Hatch

Hatch The Julienne Dress

The Julienne Dress is another breathable maternity dress that’s made from 100% tencel, which is a natural fiber. It’s so comfortable, it makes you feel like your wearing nothing. It’s a maxi dress that allows you to feel free as you move out and about. It has a V-neck design with side pockets, and bra-friendly straps. You can dress up or dress down with this beautiful piece.

Hatch The Kate Bowtie Dress, $286 at Hatch

Hatch The Kate Bowtie Dress

If you want an elegant dress that’s perfect for casual or formal wear, The Kate Bowtie Dress is perfect for you. It’s a versatile dress that allows you to feel fashionable anywhere you go. You can wear it with a pair of sandals or heels to complete your feminine and elegant look.

Hatch The Easy Denim Overall, $378 at Hatch

Hatch The Easy Denim Overall

Feel youthful and relaxed with The Easy Denim Overall. Even if you’re pregnant, you still have the freedom to look as casual as you want to be by pairing this denim overall with your favorite white shirt and sneakers. Go out for a walk or a stroll without looking haggard. This denim overall is all you need to feel vibrant and young even when you’re expecting.

Hatch The Bateau Tank Dress, $198 at Hatch

Hatch The Bateau Tank Dress

Enjoy the summer without feeling stuffy and suffocated with the help of The Bateau Tank Dress. It’s a great summer dress, as it features a simple yet comfortable design. It’s a bodycon dress that allows you to flaunt your baby bump. The breathable fabric also makes it a great dress for the hot summer weather.

Hatch The Ziggy Smoked Pant, $128 at Hatch

Hatch The Ziggy Smoked Pant

Go boho by sporting The Ziggy Smoked Pant with a tank top. Wear it with your comfy sandals and you’ll be rocking a fashionable bohemian style in no time. This pair of pants has side pockets and an elastic waistband to wear over your baby bump. It’s made from cotton voile that’s vintage-inspired and hand loomed in India.

Hatch The Twill Overall, $278 at Hatch

Hatch The Twill Overall

The Twill Overall is a cute take on modern and young fashion. It provides support to your growing belly with style. You can pair it with a tank top or a shirt to complete your look. It has an ankle-length style and relaxed leg tapers to keep you feeling comfortable and free.


These maternity wear for new moms won’t let you look haggard and unfashionable during your pregnancy. Instead, they’ll make you feel youthful and stylish as you show off your growing baby bump. Enjoy pregnancy with style with the help of these fashionable pieces. For more pregnancy-related tips, you can visit



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