Parents have a lot on their plates nowadays. With the lockdowns implemented, they are forced to work from home to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Working from home may sound easy but with kids starting online distance learning, it’s a different story. Parents have to juggle time between their work and their bored children – a task that seems impossible to do.



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With the chores at home, work, and keeping the children occupied, parents may be at their wits end. Help may be difficult to find during these trying times. Luckily, we’ve found a way or two on how to keep kids busy even for a few hours. We’ve scoured Etsy to find some of the most entertaining (and educating) busy boxes that kids will surely love. Here’s a list of the subscription busy boxes we’ve found.

These Subscription Busy Boxes Will Keep Kiddos Busy

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes

Parents, there’s no need to worry! Help is on your way. Bored kids may be your dilemma today so we’ve found a solution for it. These are our top 12 favorite busy boxes that you can get your hands on for your kids.

(1) Little Me Learning Feelings and Emotions Busy Box

Parents might not be aware of it but the pandemic also has an effect on the kids. This busy box allows you to know your kids’ inner thoughts and feelings in a fun and creative way. It includes arts and crafts materials that help distinguish different emotions. Kids can create Emotion Stick Puppets, Emotions Bingo, and many more. You can order yours on Etsy.

Read a promising review here:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesThese sets are lovely. I ordered 2, the emotions set and the senses set. The emotions set is perfect as I wanted something to help my 5 year old understand his emotions as he’s struggling a little at the moment and this was fantastic. The senses set is lovely and I can’t wait for my children to use it. The seller even checked that my children didn’t have any allergies because it contains play dough. As the parent of a child that suffers from a serious milk allergy this was a fantastic bit of customer service and goes way beyond what you would usually expect from a seller. Also the seller checked to make sure they had arrived with the post being a bit slow at the moment. I will definitely be ordering another set soon. Gemma Newton

(2) Oh You Crafty Fox Mermaid Kids Craft Box

If your kids are into mermaids, this box is filled with activities that include everything mermaids. This busy box includes a mermaid crown, a foam weaving mermaid, a spiral mobile mermaid, a LooRoll mermaid kit, one glitter glue tube, a cupcake mermaid sheet and paper cases, one pritt glue stick, one packet of felt tip markers, two how to draw a mermaid and seahorse sheets, mermaid sticker sheets, and surprise sweets. Order this busy box now on Etsy.

Here’s a helpful review you can refer to:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesAbsolutely amazing product. Presented beautifully in the box, quick delivery and excellent value for money! I highly recommend these boxes and will be ordering again! Lucy Davies

(3) Super Panda Kid Kits Happy Birthday Cupcake Mini Kit

It may not be your kid’s birthday but you can still grab this kit for them. It’s an interactive box that allows kids to create anything they want. This box is a cupcake theme box so they can play pretend as bakers. The kit contains a 6-ounce ball of homemade playdough with plastic sprinkles, 2 silicone cupcake liners, 4 candles, one cookie cutter, a playdough roller, buttons, jewels, pretend play candy, and many more. Just a reminder that this kit is for kids ages 3 and up. You can purchase this from Etsy.

Refer to this helpful review of this product:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesI really liked this kit and love that I am supporting a kid who put it together. I didn’t get pandas that were shown in the ad but they were still cute. I got lots of items to make scenes. The playdough is nice. The white playdough is a different mixture and is much tougher to mold, but super soft since it is made with cornstarch. I love the different textures the two playdoughs have. My daughter made an adorable scene with the set and I made one too! 🙂 I think the price for what you get is great and it is just as described. I would buy again! ­ – whallsa

(4) La Design Boutique Shop Kids Paper Mache Activity Kit

Teach your kids a new skill. This paper mache kit unlocks a new craft skill for your little ones. This box lets you create a paper mache animal of your choice. Available design includes bear, panda, pig, seal, cow, and cat. The kit contains all the materials you need to create your own paper mache model such as paper plate, balloon, glue, paper, paper bowl, paints, and paintbrushes. You can buy this kit from Etsy.

Here’s another promising review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesI made another purchase of these cute paper mache kits as gifts for my nieces and they loved it! It was different, they didn’t expect it at all, it was arts and crafts that they love and it had everything they needed inside. Would highly recommend if you need an activity for your kids or a gift for someone. ­- angela

(5 )Crafty Croc Box Fairy Activity Box

Let your kids experience fairy-themed art activities with the help of this busy box. Fairy lovers are sure to stay busy making the different magical-inspired arts and crafts inside. This box includes various activities such as a Design and Paint Your Own Fairy Door, Paint and Decorate Your Own Fairy Wand, and many more! You can order this on Etsy.

Read a review here:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesExcellent! Took a risk and had these sent directly to the little girls house and she absolutely loved it! Beautifully packaged and lots of fun activities, the head crown was a favourite! Would definitely recommend x ­victoria0187

(6) Craft and Boogie Camping Busy Box

The pandemic and lockdowns caused all recreational outdoor activities to stop. However, there’s no need to worry! Bring the outdoors into your home. This camping busy box is an engaging way to recreate different outdoor-related activities through crafts. This includes crafting activities, DIY decors, games, and reading and learning activities. Each box is complete with all the materials needed and instructions on how to do each activity. You can grab a box from Etsy.

Here’s a positive review for this busy box:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes

Got this for our niece who loves camping. This was a home run! She loves it! Mary Alice Hoppe

(7) Crafty Croc Box Unicorn Activity Box

This busy box is dedicated to kids who love unicorns! It’s the ultimate unicorn activity box that will keep kids entertained. The box includes activities such as a DIY unicorn mask, DIY lolly stick décor, Design Your Own Unicorn, and many more. You’ll get the following contents when you purchase this box: one unicorn glider, a unicorn puzzle book, paint and paint brush, unicorn stickers, felt tip pens, glue, gems, and star stickers. This box is available on Etsy.

Read the review about this product below:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes

Such a lovely box. My daughter loved all the unicorn activities that came with it. Emma Simpson

(8) Crafty Party Box Under the Sea Kids Craft Box

Kids can learn the different sea creatures in a colorful and exciting way. This box contains 4 fun activities and craft projects that kids will enjoy making. You’ll get these when you buy this box: 10 small tissue paper squares (assorted), string, one half paper plate jelly fish head, 5 large tissue paper squares, one glue stick, 4 googly eyes, 2 coloured paints, 2 craft sticks, 3 colored A5 cardstock sheets, 1 puffer fish coaster, a sponge paint dabber, 1 under the sea-themed stencil, sequins, 5 foam stickers, an under the sea temporary tattoo, and an under the sea-themed stamp. This super fun box is available on Etsy.

Here’s a review on the seller’s busy boxes:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesArrived very promptly and my 8 year old niece loved it, both making the craft and telling everyone the jokes:-) Gemma

(9) Crafty Croc Box Pirate Acvitiy Box

Kids will go “Arrrgghh!” with excitement when they open this activity box! It’s a pirate-themed busy box that includes craft activities such as Design Your Own Pirate Hat, Paint Your Own Pirate Ship, Create Your Own Treasure Map and more. When you purchase this box, you’ll receive a pirate eye patch, pirate stickers, a pirate activity book, gold coins, jewels, coloring pencils, paint, and paint brushes. Order yours now on Etsy.

Read testimonials of happy customers here:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesThis box is amazing. Full of quality items for hours of fun. Lots to make. A good assortment too. Best box of this kind that I’ve purchased. Definitely would recommend and will be using again. Thanks Amy x cozart20

(10) Busy Boxes 4 Kids Halloween Busy Box

Here’s a great busy box to order just in time for Halloween! Trick or treating may be postponed or celebrated differently this year. To be safe, this busy box is a must have to keep kids happy during one of their favorite holidays. This kit contains spook-tacular crafting activities. Each box includes a ceramic Halloween haunted house painting kit, 1 orange play dough tub, glue stick, 3 pumpkin cutouts, a Halloween dough cutter, a pumpkin notebook and pencil set, pom poms, googly eyes, small pipe cleaners, sequins, stickers, ribbons, one ghost cut out, 2 black ghost eyes and mouth, spider glasses kit, build a monster kit, 3 pieces construction paper, and white cotton balls. Kids are sure to be busy on Halloween! You can purchase this box from Etsy.

Here’s a positive review from satisfied clients:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesLove this kit and Etsy shop! The kits are so convenient, as they have everything that you need included in the box and shipping was fast upon purchase! The packaging was so cute with a personalized note! I love supporting this family business and highly recommend #busyboxes4kids! Stephanie

(11) Craft and Boogie Big Box of Art and Craft Supplies for Use at Home

Are you stuck at home without arts and crafts supplies? This box is for you! It will save you a trip to the store as this box has everything you need to keep your kids busy. It includes a variety of essential supplies for DIY projects and crafts such as coloring and activity books, crayons, hand-dyed rainbow pasta, paint, pipe cleaners, Crayola Model Magic Clay, paintbrush, rainbow-colored construction paper, white glue, pom poms, buttons, googly eyes, feathers, popsicle sticks, paper star cutouts, Play Doh, spinning top, temporary tattoos, card game, and puzzles. Whew! This box really has A LOT! You can buy this box from Etsy.

Read this very satisfied customer’s review:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxesAs a long distance aunt of three year old twins, I’m constantly and shamelessly looking for gifts to make me the cool aunt. Boy, did this deliver!! Not only was shipping incredibly fast, but the boxes are top notch. I received videos of the girls pulling item after item out of the boxes, (I sent the Superhero box also), screaming “SPARKLY PIPE CLEANERS!!” “PLAY DOUGH!!” “NEW PAINTS!!” like they were on an episode of Oprah’s favorite things. It’s the perfect gift to send during a pandemic. It has kept Aven and Luna busy for days now, allowed their parents a few minutes of peace and gave their auntie a FaceTime to show off their art and superhero masks! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mari Russo

(12) Six Sisters Boutique Kids Arts and Crafts Kits

Lastly, here’s another arts and crafts box that kids can use when bored at home. They’ll be able to create a variety of arts and craft projects using this. It includes 4 to 8 stretch canvas, 1 flat foam brush, 1 small flat brush, 4 plastic craft lace lanyard, 1 pack of sticky eyes, 2 sequin packs, 2 glitter capsules, 1 pack of sticky flowers, 1 set of six-color watercolor palette, 1 wooden star, 1 clear paintable, 2 foam balls, 2 packs of popsicle sticks, 1 pack of stickers, 1 glue stick, and 1 puzzle, helicopter, or bird feeder for decorating, Get this kit from Etsy.


More Subscription Boxes Here!



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Make busy boxes a monthly event to look forward to for your kids. These subscription busy boxes are perfect for children ages 0 and above. Here are some subscription box providers we recommend:

Bluum – A Monthly Box of Curated Goodies for Mom and Munchkin



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If you’re a new mom or you have little kids, this subscription box is for you. Bluum, Inc. curates highly rated products for moms and babies. As your kids grow, this box grows with them. It includes toys, books, baby gear, and baby essentials that every child needs. This box allows babies and toddlers to develop the cognitive and motor skills they need. It also includes items for moms. It’s something that both mommy and baby can look forward to each month. Try bluum! A monthly box of new goodies for parent & baby!

Watch this video review of one of Bluum’s subscription boxes:

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ToyLibrary – A Monthly Toy Rental Service (Rent, Play, Return, and Repeat!)



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Lessen your kids’ screen time and increase their play time! Kids can outgrow their toys fast so parents can spend lots of money on toys that their kids will only play with for a few months. Luckily, ToyLibrary is here! It’s a monthly rental subscription service that allows you and your kids to choose two toys every month. The company will ship them to you so the kids can experience a new toy each month. You don’t have to purchase new toys often and your kids won’t get bored easily. Try ToyLibary now!

Here’s a video of a similar service to learn how ToyLibrary works:

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Green Kid Crafts – A Monthly Subscription Box with Nature-based STEAM Activities



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Encourage your kids to learn in a fun and creative way. Green Kids Crafts subscription busy boxes are STEAM-based so kids are sure to learn something new with each box. Each box includes 4 to 6 educator designed STEAM projects, a 12-page monthly magazine, eco-friendly materials, and various hands on activities. Subscribe to Green Kids Crafts and enjoy their monthly busy boxes.

Watch this video to see a sample of what you’ll receive every month:

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Working from home is never easy for parents who have their hands full with kids, household chores, and of course, homeschooling. These subscription busy boxes are sure to keep your little ones busy. They come in handy whenever they get bored at home and parents still need to get their work done. Each box is filled with activities that can enhance a child’s creativity and projects that kids can learn something new from. Subscribe to these busy boxes and keep children entertained.



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You can also find other activity boxes here:


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