Being a mom can be quite challenging. You need to juggle a few hats to keep the home organized and the kids well taken care of. This year’s Mother’s Day is quite different because everyone is on a lockdown. Since everyone is at home, not everyone has the opportunity to keep his or her businesses afloat. We’ve thought of a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect time to support small businesses so we turned to Etsy to search for stores that are run by mompreneurs.

Support these Mompreneurs on Mother’s Day

When you purchase from a small business, especially nowadays, you are helping owners keep their stores afloat. Your purchases will mean so much more when you buy from these mompreneur stores on Etsy.

A Childhood Store

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This Etsy store is owned by mompreneur, Katie Gill-Harvey. She creates her own handmade child-safe crayons made from soywax and beeswax. What we love about this store is its colorful products. Each one is unique and made with love. Kids are sure to love these fun and quirky crayons. Here are our favorite ones:

1. Set of 6 Chick Soy and Beeswax Crayons

How cute are these chick crayons? They come in 6 colors and packaged in an adorable egg carton. These are perfect for doodling and coloring. You can purchase this set from Etsy.

2. Eco-friendly Set of 6 Soy and Beeswax Egg Crayons

Here’s another fun design from this store. This set includes 6 egg-shaped crayons in 6 different colors – red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple. They come in an egg carton. This set is available on Etsy.

3. Eco-Friendly Fish Crayons

These crayons are also perfect for little hands. This set is a great purchase if your’re introducing art and colors to your little one. They’re made from 100% natural beeswax and soy wax, which are safe for kids. These cute fish crayons come in a recyclable 2.5” x 6.5” cardboard tube. You can grab one from Etsy.

4. Color Your Own Market Tote Kit in Citrus

This kit is perfect for moms and kids. You can design and color your market tote bag using the 5-piece handmade crayons included. For this set, the crayon shades are all inspired by citrus fruits – orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and kumqat. You can get this from Etsy.

5. Color Your Own Market Tote Kit in Strawberry

Here’s another design for the Color Your Own Market Tote Kit series. This set is inspired by strawberries. Even the crayon shades are also strawberry-inspired. You’ll get salmon, light pink, red, dark green, and light green crayons. Buy this kit from Etsy.


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This cute Etsy store is owned by mompreneur, Yotzelin Estrada. Her passion for clothes turned into a booming business. Their popular products are the mom and mini’s fashion. Here are our top 5 favorites from this shop:

1. Pink and Palms Matching Dress

This beautiful pair of dresses is just too adorable! It’s for mom and here mini me, who want to feel like it’s the summer all year round. It’s made from polyester fabric and true to size. You can get this from Etsy.

2. Ruffled and Tiered Sunny Skirts

These skirts are sure to brighten any outfit or day. The knee-length skirts have an elastic waistband and tiered details. These are true to their size and would look great in any top. You can purchase these skirts from Etsy.

3. Mommy and Me Reusable Face Masks

These face marks are perfect for whatever’s happening nowadays. You can choose different designs for adults and kids. These masks are made with 100% cotton, have a double layer, reversible, and washable. Grab these masks from Etsy.

4. Peace Love Sanitize Mommy and Me Shirt

Now this is an uber cute pair of shirt. It’s timely and witty way of reminding everyone to stay safe and clean during this pandemic is just funny. Made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It has a relaxed fit. This shirt is available one Etsy.

5. Mommy and Me Sunflower Shirts

Lastly, these shirts are just too lively and positive to pass. The shirt features a sunflower print, crew neck, and stretch fabric. Wear this with your favorite jeans and you’ll have a more colorful and brighter day. Get these shirts from Etsy.


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Cabooties is a handmade and vegan baby shoes owned by mompreneur, Kelly Barth. The shop offers a variety of booties that won’t fall off baby’s feet, making these the perfect footwear when baby takes his or her first steps. Here are some cute designs:

1. Spring Flowers Eco Canvas Baby Shoes

This pair features watercolored spring flowers. It will look super cute on your baby’s feet. Pair it with a romper or a dress and your little one is an instant fashionista. You can purchase this pair from Etsy.

2. Dino Eco Canvas Baby Shoes

Who won’t love these super cute dino shoes? These shoes are durable, as well as flexible, for baby’s little feet. These are made from eco-friendly canvas fabric and lined with grey flannel. Grab this adorable pair from Etsy.

3. Dog Baby Shoes

This is another cute pair from Cabooties. These shoes have a dog print fabric that is just too charming. The shoes have flexible rubber soles for an added stability and traction for your baby. You can buy a pair from Etsy.

4. Penguin Eco-Canvas Vegan Baby Booties

This penguin print pair is also one of our favorites. These booties are perfect for babies and toddlers alike. These are soft and pliable – ideal for baby’s first walks. These are available on Etsy.

5. Fox Eco-Canvas Baby Shoes

Lastly, these fox printed baby shoes are worth purchasing. These shoes are easy to wear even if baby has cute and chubby feet. They can easily slide into these baby shoes and enjoy their walk with mom. You can get these from Etsy.

Small businesses need our support, especially during times like these. These mompreneur shops on Etsy are worth checking out. Give them a gift this Mother’s Day by making a small purchase from their online shops. Every purchase means so much, especially for home-based businesses.

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