Here are a few tips and tricks to tidy your home after the holidays, courtesy of Bruce Lubin via and Whether it’s a mark, a scratch or holiday food left-over, we’re sure you’ll find a neat way to clean up in the list below.

Water Ring Stains

Handful of mayonnaise in wooden spoon. Isolated on a white background.

Lubin swears by rubbing mayonnaise onto the stain. But according to, there’s another way to get rid of that ugly mark on your wooden furniture: non-gel toothpaste!

Scuff and Scratch Marks on Wooden Floor


Scuff marks are also goners with non-gel toothpaste, shares Lubin. Simply apply some on a rag and rub onto the floor. Scratch marks call for an olive oil and vinegar (3:1) mixture.

Red Wine Stains on Carpet

The trick is a half-peroxide, half-dish detergent mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it on the stain and let sit for a few minutes, then rub it out with a clean cloth, says Lubin. Make sure to dab the stain with damp cloth before starting.

Holiday Food Leftovers

Christmas Leftover


Now that most of the marks, scuffs and scratches are out, it’s time to tidy your kitchen next! If you’re like us, who have over-prepared for the holiday season, then try these Christmas and New Year leftover food ideas from

Bread – Slice into cubes and transform to Panzanella.

Cheese – Use leftover cheese to thicken soups. But wait, there’s more! See 23 ways to re-use it here.

Candy Canes – Store and use later as peppermint stirrers or crush and top on sweets.

Wine – Freeze and store. You can use them in dishes which call for wine, later on.

If you’re looking for more holiday leftover recipes to serve good food and clear the kitchen at the same time, check out Mr. Food’s 33 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Leftovers and Martha Stewart’s Holiday Ham Leftovers video.

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