Oh well, looks like we’re approaching the last party of the year – New Year’s Eve.  This is another festive time where we welcome another 365 chapters in our life. That’s why we have to make sure that we look our best as we bid goodbye to good 2015. If you already have a picture in mind on what to wear but still confused on how to start, then check out our outfit ideas! We prepared the best looks for both men and women. Just simply click on the bold underlined text to shop.

On our suggested New Year’s Eve look for women, we have two ideas. First is, you can start with something easy to wear – which is a dress. A sparking fit and flare dress will give a sexy but chic mood. You can pair it with sparkling sandals for an effortless glam.

Second, if you’re tired of the typical dress look – then have a sequin top instead. You can match it with anything plain but dark colored like skinny pants or pencil skirts. Then for the shoes, use classy pointed pumps with minimal stone accent. Take note that both looks can be paired with drop earrings. Lastly, since you’re wearing something shimmering already, use a clutch that’s still fab but with shining details. We don’t want you to overdo the sparkle look.



We also prepared two New Year’s Eve looks for the gentlemen. Some parties require strict dress codes so go for the formal look. A tuxedo is the safest formal look you can have. And it gives a sleek and classy aura. Trust me, women like that.

Now if the NYE party that you’ll be attending is just with your loved ones – then directly choose the casual look. Instantly get a comfortable shirt and enjoy the party. Casual footwear would be loafers. 

A fashionable watch shouldn’t be forgotten and you can wear trendy shades for that suave look.


Look no further because these NYE Party outfit ideas are guaranteed to make any head turn and impressed. Cheers for a New Year!

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