Your outfit is not the only thing you will need to achieve a great party look. A hairstyle that’s sassy and impressive is important too. You don’t need to go to the salon and have your hair styled, because we have the easiest but sassiest hairstyles that you can pull off this New Year’s Eve! We’ve wrapped up the perfect New Year’s Eve hairstyle depending on your hair type. And we have the items you needed too! Just click on the bold underlined items to shop.


Try something different with fishtail updo. This hairstyle shows crowning cute braids at the top of your hair. You can end it with curvy waves for a sexy look.


Watch the tutorial below:

Credits to LuxyHair

To start the hairstyle, make sure that your hair is detangled. A thick brush like Boar Bristle, will remove all tangles in your hair.



In order to braid hair easily, you will need something to smoothen your hair more. We recommend, L’Oreal Texture Smooth Essence. Once applied, it leaves your hair smooth with no greasy feeling at all.



If you like to do a clean updo, try something more interesting like the donut bun updo. This features an updo with a huge bun that looks chic! This hairstyle is very easy to do.



Watch the tutorial below

Credits to StyleCraze

So how can you make a huge bun? You need a donut bun maker for your hair! This will shape your hair into a large bun without the help of any hair styling product. Just this and you’re good to go.

Donut Bun Maker



For women with hair that is medium length, try this beautiful curly updo. Don’t be intimidated how difficult it looks, because this can be done effortlessly.



Watch the tutorial below

Credits to Lilith Moon

Basically, what you need to achieve this hairstyle are foam curlers. They instantly give you huge and wavy hair without using a curling iron.

Foam Curlers-main



Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t do many hairstyles. One of the hairstyles you can do is one sided hair braid. This look takes less than 10 minutes to finish. You’ll just take a few sections of your hair to braid and voila! You now have a chic hairstyle.

one sided hair braid-main


Watch the tutorial below

Credits to Ingrid Nilsen

This hairstyle will look boring if your hair doesn’t have any volume. Use Suave’s hair spray before braiding. It is needed to make your hair look bouncier than before.

Suave Hair Spray



Do you have naturally curly hair? Then, here’s the perfect hairstyle you can do. This is the retro looking hairstyle. It features the vintage pinup look with faux bangs. (P.S. you don’t need literal faux bangs at all to have this hairstyle).

retro-inspired updo


Watch the tutorial below:

Credits to Shameless Maya

The thing you need for the faux bangs is a mini elastic hairband. Just use any of your typical handkerchief for the updo.

Mini Hair Bands


You’re now ready to party this New Year’s Eve with these fun and lovely hairstyle! Time to get styling! To check out our New Year’s Eve party look click HERE.

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