Another year ends, but another party is about to start! The New Year’s Eve Party is one of the most anticipated celebrations in the whole world. Fireworks in the sky, a lot of people are cheering and celebrating! If this is your first time to host a New Year’s Eve Party and you don’t know where to start – you’re in the right place. Get ready to take some notes because we’ll be giving you NYE Party Checklist.

Make your invitation impressive and definitely inviting. Here are possible designs that you can customize online.


Ring in 2016 with Us – Click HERE to customize this NYE invitation

Countdown to the New Year –Click HERE to customize this NYE invitation

Now that you’ve got good invitations, let’s start decorating your place.


A usual color theme for a New Year’s Eve party would be black, gold and silver. To achieve a festive mood, go for hanging decorations. But don’t settle on the plain ones – get various and fun designs. Hanging decorations with icons and texts are more playful and perfect. Next would be party items such as photo booth props! Your visitors will enjoy taking several selfies and a lot of pictures with these cool items. You can also gather all clocks in your house and display them in one place for a unique décor.


Don’t forget to brighten up your table with golden trays to place your popping champagne. For some sweet snacks, place candies in interesting snack boxes.

The food you prepared will be more appreciated if they are placed on plates that match the theme of the party. It’s better if you buy plate sets that include cups and napkins. Because they are less of a  hassle.


The last would be things for your party guests. Always have those noisemakers for a loud and fun countdown. Just like squawkers and blow horns. Offer different colors not just one. Plus, those awesome party hats.

And when the party is over and it’s officially 2016, thank your guests with a personalized favor box. That will leave them surprised but grateful.

Planning a New Year’s Eve party is not hard that all! You just need good planning and tips from party lovers like us. Enjoy your celebration and have a wonderful year ahead of you!

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