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Meet Some Magical Valentine’s Fairies

We’re glad that you decided to come and visit us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to be introducing you to some amazing and magical Valentine’s fairies and their friends.

Magical Mobiles for a Baby’s Room

The Wee Folks love it when babies are born and they thought that in celebration of this new year that is filled with hope and new beginnings, that they’d share some of their favorite baby mobiles

The Most Magical Fairy Garden Blogs of 2020

My name is Chime and I’m a New Year’s Fairy. My friend Teelie Turner wrote a book about me titled Chime the New Year’s Fairy. Learn more about my story here.

How the Elves and Fairies Work Together to Help Santa at Christmas

The magic of Christmas is here and at the North Pole Santa Claus, the elves and the fairies are hard at work with the final preparations for Santa’s Christmas Eve journey.

Explore Teelie’s Fairy Garden’s Magical Etsy Shoppe

We are excited to share that there are numerous new items coming to the Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shoppe. This week new Christmas items are coming in, but you can find magical items for a fairy garden theme in any season.

How Fairies Can Help with Your Christmas Preparations

I’m so glad that you could join me here in my cottage today. I’m getting ready for Christmas and there’s a lot to do before it arrives, which is in less than two weeks.

The Fairies Pick Out Their Magical Christmas Trees

We’re very excited because Christmas is so close. This week we’d like to invite you to join us on a magical adventure as the fairies pick out their Christmas trees.

Uplifting Print On Demand Fairy Sized Signs

We love being able to spend time in Fairy Land and make magic happen for our Wee Folk friends and our human believers. Some of our fairies have been creating magical print on design signs which we wanted to share with you today.

How to Create a Magical Christmas Fairy Garden

In anticipation of our magical Christmas DIY guide that will be released soon, Teelie’s Fairy Garden decided to share eight enchanted fairy garden miniatures that you might want to include in a Christmas themed fairy garden.

Farmer Jonathan Shares Some Décor Featuring Boots

In anticipation of a new Teelie Turner book release which will be about Farmer Jonathan who is a fairy farmer, Farmer Jonathan asked us to share some magical décor featuring boots with you.

A Beautiful Look at Autumn Through the Eyes of a Fairy Garden

This week we’re going to introduce you to our magical new book ‘A Beautiful Look at Autumn Through the Eyes of a Fairy Garden.’

Fairy Land Celebrates the Tooth Fairy

Today we’re going to introduce you to a fairy who is well-known by the humans. You’re going to learn about the way that the Tooth Fairy works in Fairy Land.

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