If you’re a make-up hoarder, then you know that organizing your lipsticks is very well important and is kind of a big deal! Why?

Well, let’s start with counting the number of lipsticks you have in your stash. Congratulations to you if you haven’t gone over a dozen but for most women, a few shades of lipsticks just aren’t enough. Chances are, makeup flash deals and time sales almost always get women into thinking that they are in need of another shade.

As a result, most women don’t realize just how much make-up and just how many lipsticks they actually have to use before the dreaded expiration date. Although some claim that make-up can be used way past the best before date, it is still advisable to refrain from using expired cosmetics such as lipsticks on pretty sensitive body parts to avoid dryness, infection and that stinking smell!

And of course, the best solution for that would be to organize all your lip tints, lipsticks, lip balms and what-nots to have them in sight anytime you want to use them. Having lipsticks on display and tidy in say, lipstick organizers with 12 slots or cosmetics organizers with 24 slots for the more addicted, will give you better access to them. Even more practical is a multi-purpose organizer which works great as a lipstick organizer. Now, you can just grab your color stick instead of fumbling for it in make-up pouches and boxes!

If you have a lot more cosmetics aside from lipsticks, you may also want to consider getting a neat clear make-up box to store them in. A clear make-up organizer will save you the hassle of guessing what’s in it. If you’re worried about having to go thru the whole box to paint some color on your lips, fear not! You will still have access to all your lip shades on top of the box.

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