Summer is still here and you may still be planning your next beach escapade. However, there are times when your schedule doesn’t permit you to enjoy a vacation. Don’t let it get you down. There is still a way you can enjoy the summer season even when your at home. You can do a summer bedroom makeover that can remind you of the relaxing and carefree feel of the season. These are some style inspirations that you can use to guide you when you’re doing a bedroom overhaul.

Summer Bedroom Makeover Decors

When creating your summer bedroom, think of ideas that remind you of summer. You may think of palm trees, the beach, pineapples, and more. The colors you choose is also important. Subtle shades such as plush pink and seafoam green are a perfect combination. Gold and yellow shades also work well with each other. Check out these summer bedroom ideas and recreate them in your own home.

Summer Bedroom Makeover 1: Pink and Green Palm Leaves


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For this idea, combine pink and light green shades using different bedroom decors. These are relaxing shades that complement each other. Here are the ones that we’ve found that you can use.

1. Kana 20x20 Pillow in Blush/Green
Tropical print pillow cover
2. Stratus Euro Sham in Pink
Beautiful blush pink pillow cover
4. Solid Cashmere Throw in Pink Blush
Decorative cashmere throw for warmth and decor
5. Set of 2 Layla Pineapple Jars in Gold
Quirky pineapple home and décor set

1. Kana 20×20 Pillow in Blush/Green

This beautiful pillow cover will surely remind you of summer. It features a bold and bright 50‘s-inspired palm leaf print on a blush pink shade. This truly screams tropical. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

2. Stratus Euro Sham in Pink

This blush pink pillowcase is perfect with the Kana 20×20 Pillow in Blush/Green. It complements the theme of the bedroom and it adds more depth to the bedroom décor. It’s made with Egyptian cotton that provides a tonal luxury for your bed. You can get this from One Kings Lane.

3. 13-Inch Peony in Glass Vase Floral Arrangement

Add a natural element to your bedroom by putting a floral arrangement. If you want a more lasting home décor, choose a faux flower arrangement. It requires zero maintenance but still looks elegant in the home. You can buy this stunning décor from One Kings Lane.

4. Solid Cashmere Throw in Pink Blush

For an added comfort and color, get this cashmere throw for your bedroom. It’s the perfect blend of elegant softness and warmth. Its fringed edges give it a more rustic yet summer flair. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

5. Set of 2 Layla Pineapple Jars in Gold

Even if you have a specific theme in mind for your bedroom, it shouldn’t stop you from adding quirky decors. This 2-set Pineapple Jars are both aesthetic and functional. They truly remind you of summer. Buy this set from One Kings Lane.

Purchase other home and decors that you can use for this idea below:

Summer Bedroom Makeover 2: Gold and Green Tones


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This is another great idea for a summer bedroom makeover. Use yellow, gold, and green home and décor pieces to create a relaxing bedroom with a summer vibe. Here are some items we’ve found that you can use for this theme.

1. Champlain 20×20 Velvet Pillow in Citrine

Add this plush velvet pillow to your bed to add a summer-inspired color to your bedroom. It creates a more sophisticated feel that is still seasonal. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

2. Willow 12×23 Lumbar Pillow in Yellow/Ivory

This One Kings Lane exclusive is a great addition to your bedroom. It is a bedroom accent that gives color and texture to the bed. The scallop pattern adds a beach vibe that’s playful and fun. You can buy this from One Kings Lane.

3. Langston Nightstand in Natural

This natural wood bedside table is a perfect combination, especially when you’re going to decorate your room with indoor plants and succulents. You can get this from One Kings Lane.

4. 12-Inch Succulent Arrangement with Bowl, Faux

This faux succulent arrangement is perfect when you don’t have time to maintain it. Add this to your bedside table and your room will instantly have a natural and relaxing vibe. You can get one from One Kings Lane.

5. 20-Inch Hosta Plant in Planter, Faux

Here’s another faux plant arrangement that’s perfect for a summer-inspired bedroom. Add this to the corner of your bedroom for an added dramatic yet natural feel. You can purchase this from One Kings Lane.

Find more home and décor items that you can use below:

Creating a summer bedroom makeover is easier that you might think. You simply need to use the right home and décor pieces to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Make sure to choose colors that complement each other and themes that are inspired by summer.

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