The upcoming months will lead us to a lot of events and gatherings. We prepare what to wear and of course, for our little ones. Dressing up your kids is a fun activity. Let them wear anything and they can easily pull it off — because they’re cute. However, we struggle to find the right ensemble or pieces to complete their overall look. Don’t worry. Here are pumpkin based essentials for the young ones to achieve that perfect get-up.

For infants, onesies are the most recommended. It’s easy and less hassle for babies to wear. Also who can resist their cuteness if they wear some of these? We prefer that you let the little ones wear orange shirts underneath these overalls.

Green Stripe Pumpkin Overalls - Infant & Toddler
This green-striped onesie would be great for daylight events.

Brown Chevron Pumpkin Overalls - Infant
For the night look, let them wear this Aztec striped overall.

T-shirts with cute prints are a must for less formal events.

Orange Pumpkin Face Tee - Infant, Toddler & Kids
Transform your little boy into a happy pumpkin with this orange pumpkin face tee.

Black Papa Pumpkin Tee - Infant, Toddler & Boys

When the nights get cold, let them wear this one. Look at that mustache.

Matching pieces are a lot more fun compared to other outfits. Here are dainty pairs you shouldn’t miss.

Orange & Aqua Damask Pumpkin Set - Infant, Toddler & Girls

Flared bottoms are becoming a trend again. Let your kids be the first one to show them off with this pair.

Black & Orange Pumpkin Ruffle Pants Set - Toddler & GirlsThe ruffles on this pair are playfully patterned for a more fun look!

Now that you got the tops and bottoms, let’s go with the finishing touch -Accessories!
Kids love wearing hats, how much more headbands with cute designs?

Orange Pumpkin Ponytails HeadbandThe faux ponytail would make your girl’s hairdo standout.

Black & Orange Pumpkin Halloween Bobble HeadbandThe bobbling pumpkin heads would add a spooky and funny touch.

These earrings are very light and it won’t be a struggle for your kids to wear. Also, they last long so they can still be used next season!

Orange & Red Crystal Pumpkin Drop Earrings

Girls with long hair are preferred to wear hanging earrings like this.
Orange Crystal Pumpkin Stud EarringsStudded earrings are for girls with short hair. This pair would bring up that dazzling look.
So what are you waiting for? Have fun dressing up your little ones with these fun and cute items! Click on the photos to check them out.

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