Spring Break time! What’s the plan? Soak under the bright beach sun? Hit the slopes? Or go overseas? Those are indeed great ideas but not everyone can afford the paycheck that comes with them. Good news- there are lots of things you can do that would only cost you a penny or so! Who would say that staying at home with your Mom and Dad is boring? Of course not, there are places to go and things to do even if you’re in a budget!


Museum visits. Come on, this isn’t boring at all! It’s fun to find knowledge out of the classroom. Museum exploration is an educational experience on its own-paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of history. Hand out your student ID and you’ll surely enjoy some discounts! Well, you ought to learn things even when you’re on a break!


Movie Marathon. Pop that popcorn and call up your pals! Gather in the couch together and turn on that huge TV set. Definitely, you’d been so busy at school you’ve missed your favorite series or you have a couple of movies to watch for! Make it more amusing by inviting your friends in and enjoying your favorite show!


Local Festivals and Events. Festivities in town are common during student breaks. Why don’t you take that opportunity and have fun with your friends? St. Patrick’s Day usually fall on that week and parades and parties will be everywhere! Join the celebration, summon your friends, and dance to the beat of good old music!


Backyard Camping. You don’t need to go to the Grand Canyon to get that outdoorsy feel. Go camp out of your backyard! Yours might not have the rich flora and fauna but at least you’d have a pleasant time star- gazing and s’more roasting! That way, you’ll save money for the gas, the extra camping gears and no more bear attack scares!


Pool Party. Why dream of a Bahamas Beach when you’ve got the nearest swimming pool? As long as you have the sun shining, all you have to do is gather your hometown friends for a perfect pool party! Prepare the grill and tell everyone to bring something to eat.  Stick with soda, instead of alcohol, so Mom and Dad won’t freak out!


Sports Games.  Now’s the impeccable time to support your local sports team! Catch up an inexpensive basketball game, NPSL match or an AHL competition. Minor games can be as striking and entertaining as the professional league.


Reading.  Like the movies, you might have some valuable readings to catch up to. You might be stuck with your favorite Jane Austin novel or a John Green addict. Now, you can simply run into the closest public library and give yourself and your eyes a feast!


Volunteer. What is the best way to celebrate your Spring Break? It’s giving back to the less fortunate. Go visit your favorite charity office and spend some time extending your help. You can go to local animal shelters, help out building humanity houses, or teach at-risk kids. Undoubtedly, your week would be more than memorable. It would be life changing!


Ready for your spring break? Sure you are! You might not be walking on high- class London streets or basking on the Panama Beach, but you can do more than that. All these perks without spending more!



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