When the sun rises up and the winds blow breeze- like, it’s time to go out and have your little girl’s fairy garden party!

Aside from castles, capes and crowns, your pretty little princess is surely fascinated on becoming a fairy. Since it’s her special day, why not make her dream come true? It’d only take your creative mind, your magical hands and some pixie dusts for a truly fantastic fairy garden party!


A Magical Announcement

You need no royal messenger to spread your girl’s big day news. You can simply send invites right through every invitee’s door. Stick to your theme- make it dreamlike with some pixie dust and flying fairy cut outs. Use power words like a magical spell or a popular fairy poem!


A Neverland Garden

As long as the weather is on your side, putting on your own fairy façade is easy. Place cut outs of fairies, flowers and toads on your garden and fences. Create a confetti path which will lead on to the party area. Flower garlands, balloons, streamers and fiery Christmas lights (the white ones) can definitely do the trick. You can do all these yourself- hanging flowers from tissue papers, fairy leaves out of paper and glitter, fairy mushrooms our of paper cups and cut trees out of cardboard branches. Make a centerpiece covered with pink flowing tulle, decorated with fairy wings, magic wands, toadstool and castles. Play along a classical music to complete the ambience. Put on your thinking caps and your crafty hands!

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Favors from a Fairy

Fairies are known to make our wishes come true. Such power is so special that every kid would want to become fairies and not the wish’ recipient! When your little guests arrive, transform them into these enchanted creatures with magic wands, fairy wings, or tiaras. Sprinkle some ‘fairy dust’ on them to complete the make- over.  For the celebrant, prepare her ‘throne’ and her special crown, making her the queen of all fairies, the most powerful of ‘em all!


Wands for your fairy guests

The fairies’ nourishment

Curious on where fairies get there superhuman strength? Bet on what they eat and drink, then make them yourself! Light and pastel colored foods will suit your theme. Level up your sandwiches by cutting them with flower or star cookie cutters. Jelly cups, fairy cakes and bread, strawberry wafers are instant sweets the kids will enjoy. To make it more nutritious, set up a veggie garden where you can place raw vegetables, one kind in each row. Since it’s a fairy garden party, give them ‘nectar’ juices (fresh fruit juice) and shade their glass with some ‘pixie dust’ (colored sugar).


Fairies’ are Playful

Vibe up your fairy garden party with some games! Start with the ‘finding talent’ game. From Disney’s Pixie Hollow Fairies, cut out emblems for every talent: garden, water, animal, light and tinker talent. Attach them to a paper bag and scatter them around the area for the children to hunt for. Finders’ keepers, so whatever bag the kid has found will be her fairy talent! Then, paint out that fairy in each child with face painting! With their talents identified, bring out the adult’s artistic flair by painting out a related image on their child’s face. Flowers, ladybugs and butterflies are easy to face-paint! Lastly, let them create their own ‘garden’. Give the kids a flat of flowers, individual vases and a bag of soil and they would surely know the rest! Give out a special award for the most decorative.  Have each fairy guest take her own ‘garden’ home!


Tiny pots for the tiny planters!

The sun has risen up and it’s your daughter’s birthday! Throw her a fairy garden party and make it sassy, fashionable and creative the Tinker bell way!


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