Wallpapers are still in style for as long as we can remember. They give a room life and personality. However, there are times when we feel like wallpapers are already old fashioned. On the bright side, more and more wallpapers today are all for letting go of the old rules and are embracing different patterns, designs, colors, and textures. The design industry is now applying popular wallpaper trends to their creations that are slowly but surely stamping the mark of the once oldie but now a goodie design instrument.

Wallpaper Trends to Watch Out For this 2019

If you are going to remodel and redecorate your home this year, check out these trending wallpaper designs you can use.

Painting and Watercolor-Inspired


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Designs inspired by watercolor, art, and paintings continue to dominate the wallpaper trends. Many wallpaper designs incorporate several artistic approaches and mediums that truly make a room look serene and peaceful. Different brushstrokes give the wallpaper, as well as the room, a certain amount of whimsical sophistication. If you plan to use this design on your room, try these beautiful ones we’ve found:

(1) Self Adhesive Wallpaper, Amazon (2) Nathan Turner Orange Crush Wallpaper, One Kings Lane (3) Murmall Cactus Wallpaper Mural, Amazon (4) Removable Neutral Hypnosis Wallpaper, One Kings Lane (5) Murwall Watercolor Art Mural Painting Wallpaper, Amazon



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Chinzt may seem old fashioned but when used correctly, it can make a room pop. The key is to choose the right colors and patterns. This type of design has a quirky classiness to it. Use it on your living room wall and even your bedroom. It will turn a dull room into a pleasant and homey one. Here are some designs that we love:

(1) York Wallcoverings Williamsburg II Braganza Wallpaper, Amazon (2) Décor Direct Double Roll Wallpaper, Amazon (3) F. Schumacher & Co. Viburnum Wallpaper, One Kings Lane (4) Madcap Cottage by York Wallcoverings Lake Agawam Madcap Cottage Wallpaper, One Kings Lane (5) Madcap Cottage by York Wallcoverings Isleboro Eve Madcap Cottage Wallpaper, One Kings Lane

Graphic and Architectural


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Even the classic geometric designs are now being reinvented. Changes in tones, colors, print, and patterns are evident. In addition, geographical and architectural wallpaper designs are now digitized. If you want a modern makeover, you can try this wallpaper trend. It’s perfect for a fun and quirky room such as your child’s playroom, your office, and even your living room. Try out these wallpaper designs we’ve picked out in this style:

(1) Apex Geometric Wallpaper in Rose Gold, Amazon (2) Adarl Geometric Triangle Nursery Wallpaper, Amazon (3) Wallshoppe Bloc Wallpaper, One Kings Lane (4) Wall Pops Grand Trellis Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Navy, Amazon (5) Wallshoppe Y Not Wallpaper in Garnet and Indigo, One Kings Lane

Textural and Tonal


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There are also designs that prefer a subtle approach. If you want a more toned down design, you can used textured, as well as tonal wallpaper designs. You can see a variety of faux suedes, grasscloths, two-dimensional designs, and many more. You can see a lot of nude and beige textures. However, if you prefer color, you can also find different textured designs as well. Here are some designs that we love.

(1) Brewster High Leaf Textured Vinyl Wallpaper, Amazon (2) Forest Tan Embossed Textured Wallpaper, Amazon (3) Vimoon Wallpaper Faux Wood Plank Wallpaper, Amazon (4) Blooming Wall Vintage Embossed Textured Coffee Textured Wallpaper, Amazon (5) 3D Wallpaper Faux Brick Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Amazon

Wallpapers may seem outdated but these modern designs will make your home look a lot homier. These popular wallpaper trends are perfect for any room in your home. Whether you are into watercolor-inspired wallpapers or geometric ones, you need to find the right tone, shade, and design to be able to bring your vision to life.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in the wallpapers we’ve featured above, you can shop for more here:

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