June is almost over but there’s still time to plan a Pride Month virtual party with you and your friends. There may be no Pride Parade or any form of parties and gatherings these days but you can still show your pride and wear your colors proud virtually. We’ve come up with some Pride Month virtual party ideas that you can try out to make this month more momentous.

Pride Month Virtual Party Ideas



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You don’t need to think long and hard about what you can do to celebrate Pride Month at home. Here are 5 simple yet meaningful and fun ways to commemorate this month.

1. Promote LGBT Legislations.

Now that you have a lot of time in your hands, you can educate yourself about the different LGBTQ+ legistative changes – national, regional, and local. If you’re unaware of said legislations, you can learn more about them and keep track here.

2. Support LGBT Art and Artists.

The LGBT community has tons of creative artists. Just browse through Etsy and you’ll see a variety of LGBT artworks and artists. Support even just one of them. Purchase their art or make a donation. Your simple act of support will go a long way.

3. Practice Self Care.

This idea is one of the simplest ways of to celebrate Pride Month, the LGBT community, and yourself. Practicing self care enables you to learn how to love yourself first before others. Self care involves self acceptance and being happy within. Even a few minutes of relaxation and self love can do wonders for you, especially during these times.

4. Attend a virtual Pride Party.

Just because we are in different locations doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate together. Attend a virtual Pride Party and meet other people virtually! You can attend the Global Pride 2020 for events and fundraisers. One event hosted by Todrick Hall is happening this June 27.

5. Host your own virtual Pride Party.

Lastly, you can host your own virtual Pride Party with your friends. Decorate your home with colorful flags. Think of games you can play virtually. Share stories about your coming out. Take this opportunity to educate and inspire others.

These are simple ways you can celebrate Pride Month. You may be celebrating online but you are still putting LGBT awareness out there. Spread information through positive ways even when staying at home. After all, Pride Month is all about commemoration and recognition of the LGBT community’s impact to the world.

Pride Month Virtual Party Must Haves

If you’re planning on hosting your own Pride Party at home, here are some essentials that you need.

(1) Be Kind Garden Flag

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” This beautiful quote speaks volumes. Have it printed on a faux burlap banner and hang it in your home or your yard. You can order this from Etsy.

(2) Gay Pride Greeting Card

Send this to your friends digitally or via snail mail. Either way, they’ll surely appreciate the gesture. This small greeting card can mean a lot, especially to someone who’s going through a transition or someone who’s about to come out. Let them know you’re there for them through this cute card. You can get this from Etsy.

(3) PRIDE Party Box

This curated party box is perfect for a virtual Pride Month party. You can really celebrate it at home with the help of this colorful box. A standard box includes a “PRIDE” glitter banner, 6 latex balloons, rainbow candy, 2-ounce white crinkle paper and confetti, colorful party favors, PRIDE / LOVE WINS mixed confetti, PRIDE 2020 Celebration in Isolation can cooler, 10 colorful stickers, and a personalized note. You can customize your own box and add more items to it. Purchase your own PRIDE Party Box from Etsy.

(4) PRIDE 2020 Can Cooler

If you’re planning on having a few friends over, you can use these decorative can coolers. These will instantly make your mini party colorful! You can buy these from Etsy.

(5) Pride Gift Box

If you are planning on sending someone or yourself a gift, this Pride gift box is a great choice. It includes a greeting card, rainbow sunglasses, rainbow soy wax candle, rainbow drink holder, matches, and hair ties. This is a great encouragement gift for someone this Pride Month. You can get this from Etsy.

(6) Love is Love LGBT Candle

This candle can be a gift or another piece of home décor for your room. It’s handmade from natural wax and it’s 100% vegan. It features a kiwi and baby berry twist scent. You can choose between small of medium sizes. You can order yours now on Etsy.

(7) Brown Pride T-Shirt

Wear your colors proud while you’re hosting your own virtual Pride party. This cool shirt is perfect for the occasion. It’s an instant statement tee that will make you proud, especially this month of June. You can purchase one from Etsy.

(8) Love Wins T-Shirt

This is another shirt that’s perfect for Pride Month. This Love Wins shirt is not just for showing your pride. It’s also a nice staple in your wardrobe, as you can pair this with anything. You can get his from Etsy.

(9) 925 Sterling Silver Circle Rainbow Earrings

How cute are these earrings? This pair of handmade earrings is sure to add color to any outfit. They are eye-catching and vibrant – perfect for Pride! You can get a pair from Etsy.

(10) Rainbow Mask

Now that social distancing is the new norm and wearing face masks is a strict health precaution from COVID-19, this rainbow mask is just perfect. It’s reusable and reusable. You can buy this from Etsy.

More Facial Masks Perfect for Pride Month

Here are more facial masks you can get that can also represent Pride Month.

1. Pastel Unicorns at Play™ Mask

This mask features the magical colors of unicorns. Wear this while celebrating Pride Month in your home or out in your backyard to battle COVID-19. You can order this from Redbubble.

2. With Love from Sugarsnap™ Mask

Love is love when it comes to Pride Month. Nobody knows love than Sugarsnap, the Valentine’s Card Fairy! She’ll create magical cards just to help you let someone know that they are loved. Her works are not just for Valentine’s Day; she can also be part if this month’s celebration. You can get this mask from Redbubble.

3. Pastel Surprise ™ Mask

Here’s another colorful mask. Let everyone know what you’re celebrating. It features delightful pastel colors that are just pleasing to the eyes. Order this from Redbubble.

4. Flowers for You with Love™ Mask

This face mask will just bring a smile to your face. It features a gorgeous patterns or illustrated flowers. You’ll still be able to express yourself without removing these marks. You can purchase one from Etsy.

5. Vesta the Valentine’s Day Fairy ™ Mask

Lastly, it’s Vesta Valentine’s Day Fairy. She’s the fairy of love and she’ll spread love and happiness not just on Valentines Day but also on Pride Month. You can order this from Etsy.

These virtual party must haves are sure to make your Pride Month virtual party happy. Spread awareness and be part of the movement. Celebrate pride this month by trying out these Pride Month virtual party ideas.

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