Pup-stastic Gift Ideas for Your Pooch on National Puppy Day

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Let’s face it. Puppies are just too darn cute! Anyone will fall in love with their puppy dog eyes and their adorable antics. Dog parents can relate how much a puppy can bring them so much joy. National Puppy Day was created to, of course, celebrate puppies! These cute creatures deserve their own holiday because they bring so much love to their owners. This holiday encourages dog lovers to appreciate the unconditional love their pups give them. It’s also a perfect opportunity to celebrate the holiday by doing acts of kindness to pups by adopting one or by finding one a new home.

Gift Ideas for your Puppies

National Puppy Day, gift ideas

If you have a puppy or are planning to get one, you can grab these adorable gifts for your pooch for National Puppy Day.

(1) Custom Dog Pet Mat

This adorable bone-shaped mat can be customized with your pet’s name. It’s the perfect gift for your pooch! This mat is made from fabric for the front, as well as neoprene and non-slip rubber for the base. You can order a customized may from Etsy.

(2) Personalized Ceramic Dog Bowl

Here’s another great gift for your puppy. These bowls are made from high quality material (ceramic) and can be personalized with your puppy’s name. You can choose the number of bowls to be customized and the type of design your want (dog bone, paw print, or name only). Have a personalized dog bowl or two for your puppy through Etsy.

(3) Donut Faux Fur Dog Bed

Just like their owners, puppies and doggies love lying around. Give your pooch a cozy bed to relax and sleep on. You can choose from 12 different colors and 6 different sizes. We’re sure your pup will enjoy lounging on this. You can purchase one from Etsy.

(4) Cute Dinosaur Costume for Puppies

We all know puppies are already cute. However, you can add more cuteness to your pup by getting one of these dinosaur costumes! Choose from small to 2XL size. Your puppy will surely be RAWR-some in this! You can buy this from Etsy.

(5) Personalized New Puppy or Dog Birthday Box

If you are anew dog mom or dog dad, you can give your puppy this New Puppy Box. This is also great for puppies that are having their birthdays. You can choose a dog toy (Red Elephant, Blue Hippo, or Orange Monkey), as well as the type of wrapping for the box. This also includes one 100g dog treats. You can order one now on Etsy.

(6) Frienda Dog Poncho and Sombrero Costume

Bring out your pup’s bright personality! This sombrero and poncho costume set will look adorable on your pet. The rainbow colors are vibrant and fun. The sombrero adds a complete touch to your little doggie’s overall look. You can order this on Amazon.

(7) Raw Paw Pet Treats for Small Dogs and Puppies

Your pup deserves a delicious treat on National Puppy Day! This gift box has a complete set of treats that your pooch can enjoy. This box includes 4-inch Compressed Rawhide Bones, Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits, 6-inch Thin Bully Sticks, Freeze-Dried Cheddar Cheese Topper, and a tennis ball. You can purchase this box from Amazon.

(8) Luxury Macaron Dog Treats

Give your pooch a luxurious treat. These dog macarons are just the perfect indulgence for your pet. Each box includes 6 macarons made from all-natural and dog-safe ingredients. You can choose from 5 different flavors – Mint, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, and Strawberry. Order this now from Etsy.

(9) CAMTOA Dog Interactive Chew Toy

Calm your pup down. This chew toy can help aggressive chewers, as well as pups who are teething. These toys are made from food-safe materials that are non-toxic, and durable. You can place treats inside so your pup has a delicious surprise after each bite. You can buy this from Amazon.

(10) Dapper Dog Box Happy Birthday Dog Party Supplies

Welcome your new dog or celebrate your pup’s birthday with a bang. This dog party supplies box is just what you need to make a special event for your pet. Each box includes one dog birthday bandana, a dog ice cream toy, a dog birthday cake treat, a dog birthday card, and dog party essentials. Every purchase helps provide donations to animal shelter dogs, and aids in various dog rescues. You can buy a box from Amazon.


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Pups give us unconditional love and attention. Their love is pure and innocent, that’s why humans are blessed to have their puppies and pets by their side. This National Puppy Day, let’s make our pooches’ special day extra meaningful. These gifts are sure to make out four-legged friends super happy.


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