Reasons Why You Should Include a Coco and Coffee Bar to Your Christmas Feast

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Now that the holidays are here, you might find yourself thinking of ways on how to make your Christmas feast merrier. You may have prepared for your main dinner already and your decors are all on point. Your kitchen and dining are now ready for your guests. However, since it’s the season to be jolly, an extra treat wouldn’t hurt. This year, try creating a cocoa and coffee bar for your Christmas party. It’s a nice addition to your feast as it serves your guests something sweet and comforting after a hearty meal.

We were inspired by our friend, Jeneen of Magikal Fairyland, who hosted a party we attended. Her setup was so wonderful and we thought, why not help our readers set this up as well? These are some of the reasons why you should add a cocoa and coffee bar to your Christmas feast:

It’s a perfect way to end your dinner.

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee or a sweet mug of hot chocolate after dinner? Putting up a cocoa and coffee bar during your Christmas feast is a perfect way to end things sweetly. Nothing beats the happiness a great cup of hot beverage can bring, especially during the winter.

It’s all about the cute decorative pieces.

What we love about Jeneen’s set up is that everything seems so polished and well thought of. The decors are all so cute. The snowman jars are absolutely adorable! Setting this up in your home is a fun experience because you get to play and decorate with different Christmas decorative pieces.

It’s a great way to add happiness to the home.

You’ll be able to put a smile on your visitors’ faces when they see your cocoa and coffee bar. It will also an entertaining part of your home because your guests can concoct their very own hot chocolate and coffee based on their taste and preference.

Did we already mention it’s super cute?

Of course, we cannot get over at how cute Jeneen’s cocoa booth! From the decorative jars to the smallest and most intricate details of the bar, the entire set up just makes you want to grab a cup and create your own handcrafted beverage!

Home and Décor Pieces You Can Use to Create a Cocoa and Coffee Bar at Home

We’ve found some of the cutest home and décor pieces that are perfect for a cocoa and coffee bar in your very own home.

1. Benson Mills Christmasville Metallic Fabric Tablecloth

Before you start with your bar, decorate your table using a Christmas-themed tablecloth. Just like this one we’ve found, it’s perfect for the holiday season. You can get it from Amazon.

2. Porcelain Condiment Container Spice Jar with Lids

Since you’re setting up a bar that lets your guests create their own coffee or hot coco, these condiment jars are perfect. You can fill it with sugar and creamer for your coffee, and chocolate powder and sugar for your hot coco station. Buy this here.

3. Grasslands Road Snowman Cookie Jar

Just like the ones in the pictures above, decorative jars are used to make the booth look merrier. This cookie jar can be a decorative piece for your bar and it can also be a container for other condiments that go well with coffee or hot chocolate. Fill it with gingerbread or chocolate chip cookies that your guests will enjoy. You can purchase it from Amazon.

4. Christmas Glass Jars

Use these Christmas-themed glass jars for your marshmallows, pretzels, and other condiments for your hot coco. You can use these to hold your straws and stirrers for your DIY coffee and coco bar. These jars are available in sets of 2 here.

5. Coox 4L Double Twin 2-in-1 Air Pot Thermal Beverage Dispenser for Hot and Cold Drinks

Since your serving hot chocolate and coffee, this dual beverage dispenser is perfect for your bar. You can store your hot coffee in one dispenser and your hot chocolate in the other. Your guests can simply choose which beverage they prefer. Of course, make sure you label which one is which. You can get this from Amazon.

6. Yuletide Charms Collection 18-Ounce Santa Face Marbleized Porcelain Holiday Mug

Get your yuletide cheers on with these cute mugs with Santa’s face on them. Each guest can just get one of these mugs and create their drink on their own. They can even go for seconds! Buy this from Amazon.

7. Red Polka Dot Paper Straws

These paper straws can be additional decorations to your bar but they can also be eco-friendly stirrers for your guests. These will instantly jazz up your guests’ coffee or hot chocolate drinks. Purchase these straws here.

8. Fun Express Adorable Santa Feet Ceramic Bowl

Fill this bowl with treats and toppings for your coffee and coco bar. Fill it with marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate chips, or whatever you want. These adorable bowls are available here.

9. Beschoice 4-Piece Mini Christmas Tree Table Décor

We also found these cure mini Christmas trees that go well with a coco bar set up. Place it on the different parts of your drink bar and they will add more Christmas cheer to your bar. Buy this in a set of four from Amazon.

10. October Hill Decorative Black Chalkboard Holiday Tree

Lastly, you can add these decorative chalkboards to your set up to label the items in your bar. It doubles as additional decorations to your entire set up. You can purchase this here.


Every year, we’re always thinking of ways on how to make our homes more festive to show our Christmas cheer. Try creating a coco and coffee bar in your home this holiday season. It’s a different and new way to entertain your guests and make them feel at home while they celebrate Christmas with you. We’re sure that you, as well as your guests will enjoy it. For more holiday-inspired home decorations, you can visit If you still need ideas on how to make your home festive, you can read more about how you can decorate your mantelpiece here. You can also shop for more decorative pieces we’ve found here:

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