Life starts at 40.Maybe it’s true- especially when you still look so femininely babyish and cuddly-curvy. After 4 decades, how do you keep your skin young and your beauty innocent- like? Good news- here are some star power beauty tips from the world’s most bankable female celebs!

1. Dewy Paves the Way for Cate Blanchett

Dewy Paves

What’s one thing that getting old mean? The dead cells- dry skin phenomenon! Because of that, you can’t simply pile powder makeup on your face. The solution? Creamy foundation! Cate Blanchett’s make-up artist combines the potency of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation to get a radiant finish and the perfect shade! To get rid of the extra shine, she applies a little powder and blot with a tissue. Take note- powder in excess reveals the lines and your true age!

2. Royal Jelly Rule the World- Jen Aniston

Royal Jelly

Nutritionists say that what you eat is what you will be! Too much intake of preservative foods would cause you worries later on. They somehow hasten the aging process and cell deterioration. As early as now, start eating healthy and invest on some Royal Jelly. That’s our forever friend Jennifer Aniston’s secret for her eternally youthful beauty. She takes one spoonful of this beehive product daily and the rest is history! Of course, consult your doctor first in case of allergies.

3. Jen Lopez’ Huge, Sexy Curves 

Jen Lopez

It’s not what you think! It’s not her popular J-lo butt that makes the hot momma on heat! It’s the long, waves and soft lengths of her hair that makes her prettier. Add a lighter hair color to the formula and you got it!  The older age- short hair do principle is totally previous! Longer mom-dos frame your face perfectly. As long as it’s soft, silky and healthy, you’ll be more than alright can do that for you!

 4. Sandra Bullock’s Genes and other Aggressive Ways

Sandra Bullock

You’re lucky if you’ve got the good genes just like Sandra Bullock. But as we age, genetics might not be enough. Time to get more aggressive- get a good facial exfoliator!  Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub  fits the job and even does more! It’s gentle on your skin while stays aggressive on removing dead cells and revealing your skin’s deep beauty!

5. Halle Berry on her Strength Training

Halle Berry

Movement and exercise contributes to a healthier and more beautiful aging. Take Halle Berry’s star power beauty tip! She does this full body work- out that focuses on the back, chest, arms and legs, popularly known as strength training. It’s simple! “To do it, stand with your feet hip- width apart, then squat down. Hop your feet back into a plank. Lower your chest to the ground, then push up to plank. Hop your feet into a squat, then stand to finish”, tells her personal trainer Ramona Braganza.

6. Christie Brinkley in 59: BROWS to that!

Christie Brinkley

Your eye brows are poor victims of aging too! Thinning is inevitable but you can do more to retain that youthful, thicker, darker brow. Use Christie’s magic pencil- Lancome Le Crayon Poudre In Taupe. Brows to that!

 7. Salma Hayek is Cleaning up!

Salma Hayek

The 49 year old actress turned celeb wife believes that true beauty comes from within! Before any red carpet event, she does some cleaning up- inside her body! She takes 1,200 calorie- juices a day for her 3-5 day nutritional liquid cleanse. Her favorite drink is the Red Essential juice made up of a quarter of lemon, half a small beet, one apple and two carrots. Let’s pour into that and say goodbye to bloating and greet your glowing skin hello! Get her book for more details.

They’re 40 and up! Or are they?

Certainly, age is but a number especially for these fabulous ladies who have retained their youthful, nature- defying glow.  Be one of them; follow their star power beauty tips!


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