Dinner with the family should always be fun. It’s a chance to interact and share stories with your family. Creating festive dinners even if there’s no occasion is easier than you think. With the right home decors, you can create a family festive dinner effortlessly. Try these stylish tablecloths and runners to decorate your dining area.

01 table

1. Go Floral

Create a Spring Theme dinner with this tablecloth. It feels like you’re dining outside the garden because of its vibrant floral pattern. Get this Kate Spade New York Blossom Tablecloth for $50 at Bloomingdale’s.

2. Get Fruity

Choose bright and fruity prints to create a celebration during dinnertime. Cook some colorful and refreshing dishes to match the theme of your dining table. Purchase this Villeroy & Boch French Garden Tablecloth for $84 at Bloomingdale’s.

3. Light Colors

If you want to keep a subtle mood, you can choose tablecloths with light colors. Pair it with white or monochromatic dishes to complete your theme. Get this Villeroy & Boch Fleurence Jacquard Tablecloth from Bloomingdale’s at $84.

4. Beachy

If you can’t visit the beach, you can bring the beach’s vibe at home. This beach-inspired tablecloth brings color and festivity to your dining area. Purchase the Traders and Company Sand Shells Cotton Tablecloth from Wayfair for $52.99-$68.99.

5. Pastels

If you want to achieve a calm mood in the dinner table, you can choose pastel-colored tablecloths. They may seem a bit girly but they can really dress up your dining table in no time. Get this for $165 at Neiman Marcus.

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6. Black on White

Even if you have a simple white dining tablecloth, you can still create a theme for your dining area using this black and white table runner. It’s simple but it’s a great way to design a plain dining table. Get this Toucan Print Table runner for $49 at Gilt.

7. Blue Hues

Give your dining area a refreshing mood with this blue printed table runner. Pair it with a white or blue tablecloth to complete the look. Purchase the Mille Verdoyant Print Table Runner from Gilt for $65.

8. Play with Textures

If you want a different take on decorating your dining table, you can choose this unique table runner. It has a distinct look that can spice up your dinner decoration. Get the Paper Grass Table Runner for $16.99 at Sur La Table.

9. Go Tropical

If you want a vibrant theme for your dinner, try this Palm Leaf Table Runner. It’s playful and festive that gives your dining area a Hawaiian or tropical theme. You can purchase this from Sur La Table at $40.

10. Add Sparkles

Another great way to create a festive mood for your family dinner is to add sparkles. This sequin table runner is great for creating sparkly dinners. Pair it with different colored sparkling decorations and you have a complete glittery look. Get this for $24.99-$54.99 at Wayfair.

These stylish tablecloths and runners are a perfect way to create a more inviting dinner table. Together with the right decors and dishes, you and your family can enjoy your feast while sharing your stories.


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