Christmas is all about giving and family. New Year is about having a fresh start. Now that February is here, it’s time to give your loved ones or your special someone a sweet treat. It doesn’t have to be candies or anything that’s literally sweet. We’re talking about a sweet little gesture that doesn’t need you to spend so much yet would make someone’s heart flutter. This coming Valentine’s Day, spread the love by giving those who are special to you a love letter or a card that tells them how you really feel.

Introducing Sugarsnap the Valentine’s Day Card Fairy

Meet Sugarsnap! She loves Valentine’s Day because she loves making everyone feel special with her Valentine’s Day cards. January and February are her busiest months of the year. She creates magical and whimsical cards that will make someone feel extra special and loved. Read more about Sugarsnap’s amazing story through her book! Children, as well as adults are sure to love her story as they read this 40-page book in paperback or kindle versions. You can grabe a copy from Amazon.

We know you’re going to love Sugarsnap’s adventures that’s why we have more! Teelie Turner has a variety of fairy and magical books that you are sure to enjoy. Find a variety of her stories here:

More Sugarsnap Merch Perfect for Valentine’s Day

You can also grab some of these uber cute merchandise from Sugarsnap.

(1) With Love From Sugarsnap Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Literally wear your heart out this Valentine’s Day! This graphic printed t-shirt dress is super adorable. Wear it for a casual date or whenever you feel like you want to feel Sugarsnap’s magic for Valentine’s Day. You can purchase this from Red Bubble.

(2) With Love From Sugarsnap Sticker

You can spread the love this Valentine’s Day by slapping this cute glossy sticker anywhere you want. You can put it on your journal, your laptop, your wall, and even on your car! These stickers have a glossy finish and are waterproof. Get them from RedBubble.

(3) With Love From Sugarsnap Scarf

Keep warm in this beautiful Sugarsnap-printed scarf. It has a full print in front and at the back. It’s made from microfiber polyester that gives the scarf a bit of transparent effect. You can buy this from Redbubble.

(4) With Love From Sugarsnap Hardcover Journal

Create fond memories with this hardcover journal! You can choose whether you prefer a journal with ruled lines, graphs, or blank pages. It features 128 pages and 90 gsm paper stock. You can purchase one from Redbubble.

(5) With Love From Sugarsnap Mug

Make each morning extra sweet when you drink your coffee in this cute Sugarsnap mug. It’s a ceramic mug with wraparound prints. It’s also dishwasher safe. Grab one from Redbubble.

(6) Sugarsnap – The Valentine’s Day Card Fairy Laptop Skin

Add some magic to your laptop with this cute Sugarsnap laptop skin. It’s resistant to small scratches and has a vibrant vinyl sticker as its decal. It’s available for 2015 Macbook Air 11, 2015 Macbook Air 13, 2011 Macbook Pro 13, 2014 Macbook Pro 15, 2015 Macbook Pro Retina 13, 2015 Macbook Pro Retina 15, and 13-Inch PC Laptop. You can get one from Redbubble.

(7) Sugarsnap – The Valentine’s Day Card Fairy Set of 4 Coasters

These cute coasters come in a set of 4. It’s made with masonite board with a cork backing. It’s lightweight and perfect for cold, as well as hot drinks. You’ll love the graphic details printed on these as they are vibrant and fun. Grab one set from Redbubble.

(8) Sugarsnap – The Valentine’s Day Card Fairy Sleeveless Top

Add more cute colors to your street wear. This Sugarsnap sleeveless top is perfect if you want to add a girly side to your casual wear. It’s made with 100% polyester chiffon that has a silky feel. It has a loose and flowy top so it’s breathable and extra comfy. Purchase this from Redbubble.

(9) Sugarsnap – The Valentine’s Day Card Fairy iPhone Wallet

This iPhone wallet has a magical side. Sugarsnap is printed in front of the wallet for added décor and color against the black leather. It has an open book style with an elastic closure that’s built in. It’s available for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Order your now on Redbubble.

(10) Sugarsnap – The Valentine’s Day Card Fairy Zipper Pouch

Here’s a pouch that’s cute and versatile. You can use it as a pencil case or even a makeup kit. The pink shade is just perfect for girly girls, as well as fairy lovers. Sugarsnap is adorably printed on the pouch and looks great against the baby pink fabric. You can order this one from Redbubble.

You’ll find Sugarsnap magical and endearing now that Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. She’ll come up with something sweet and thoughtful right on time for your special date! For more fairy-related resources, you can visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden – it’s filled with everything fairies, garden, and other magical creatures. For Fairy-inspired streetwear, you’ll love this post for! Grab your copy of Sugarsnap The Valentine’s Card Fairy from Amazon or Teelie’s Fairy Garden now!

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