When it comes to makeup, the eyes take time to finish. However, a well-groomed eye area creates a more polished look for your overall makeup. If you apply makeup every day, you need a basic eye makeup kit that you can use easily. Simplifying the eye makeup products in your kit saves you time while applying your makeup and prevents you from having an overflowing makeup kit.

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1.) Eye shadow Primer

An eye shadow primer is important so it can help prepare your skin before you apply makeup. The right primer can help keep eye makeup in place. It also helps keep makeup long wearing. Try the Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer for $26 at Revolve.

2.) Eye shadow Palette

Choosing an eye shadow palette depends on why you’re applying makeup. If it’s for your daily makeup in the office, you can choose subtle and nude tones. Blush pinks and nudes are ideal for this type of makeup. However, if you are doing makeup for dates or special events, you can experiment with different colors, depending on oyur preference. Purchase the Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette for $58 from Bloomingdale’s.

3.) Brush Set

A good brush set goes a long way. You can invest in a good brush set that you can use for a long time. The brush set must include brushes for your eye makeup, concealer, foundation, and powder brush. You can add more to your set if you want to experiment more with blending techniques. The LUXIE Rose Gold Basic Eye Brush Set has all the brushes you need for applying eye makeup. Get it from Nordstrom for $50.

4,) Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler creates flirty and curly lashes. This beauty tool helps open up the eyes, even if you have short lashes. The Shiseido Eyelash Curler is available at Net-A-Porter for $20.

5.) Waterproof Mascara

Give your lashes length and volume without worrying about smudges. Find a waterproof mascara that does the job even if your lashes are short. A mascara gives your eyes look brighter. Purchase the MAC In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara for $24 at Nordstrom.


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6.) Concealer

Worried about your dark circles under your eyes? You can cover them with the right concealer. Apply an ample amount onto your problem areas and blend. You’ll look like you slept for days in no time. Get the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer for $30 at Nordstrom.

7.) Brow Kit

Eye makeup also includes the brows. Tame your brows with a brow kit. You can shape your brows to make them look neater and well groomed. Properly groomed brows create a cleaner and polished look for your entire makeup. Purchase the Benefit Cosmetics Goof-Proof Kit for Natural Looking Brows for $34 at ULTA.

8.) Brow Mascara

Once you’re done grooming your browns, keep it in place by applying brow mascara. Choose a shade that’s closer to your brows to get a natural look. Get the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara from ULTA for $10.99.

9.) Makeup Remover

Once your day is over, allow your skin to breath. Remove your makeup before you end your day and your skin will thank you for it. A good makeup remover also has cleansing and moisturizing properties. Purchase the Origins Fast & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for $20.50 at Nordstrom.

10.) Eye Cream

Finally, an eye cream helps rejuvenate your eyes. It helps prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process. It’s helpful if you want to achieve a more youthful look in your eye area. You can purchase the Origins Refreshing Eye Cream for $29.50 at Harrod’s.

These are some of the most basic eye makeup products that you need for your daily makeup kit. Whether you are preparing for your day in the office or you are applying makeup for a special event, these are the must-have items on your makeup kit.

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