The smell from a good grill is in the air, vehicle noise owning the place and many people are cheering. What’s happening? It’s a tailgate party. This legendary tradition has become one of the most participated events in the United States. If you’re heading to a tailgate party or planning to organize one, then you should check this post out! We prepared tailgate party items that you should have. In addition to that, we also featured delicious tailgate party recipes that you must try!

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Tailgate Party Items-MAIN

A. NCAA Snack Helmet – Well here’s the not so ordinary helmet. This snack helmet has a lot space for your chips and candies. It also includes a microwavable and dishwasher safe tray.

B. Football Tailgate or Birthday Party Supplies – The all in one tailgate party pack is here! It has cups, napkins and heavy duty plates that prevent leaks.

C. GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong – To make the party more fun, host a beer pong game! This table is easy to bring and set up. This can also be a good table to place your food.

D. Portable & Insulated Football Cooler – We know you’ll need a good place to store the drinks and keep them cool. Have this awesome cooler that definitely meets the theme of the fun party.


Now that your party items are all prepared, it’s time to prepare the best part – FOOD! We chose unique but super delish tailgate recipes that you can try. Simply click on the image to get the recipe.

Jerk Chicken Kebabs

Please yourself and everyone with this yummy grilled Kebab. This is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Its marinade has an amazing citrus flavor that will keep everyone busy chomping.

Jerk Chicken Kebabs

Bacon-Stuffed Burgers with Pimento Cheese and Avocado

This is completely heaven. Looking for Bacon? Check. Craving for Cheese? Check. Wanting to eat a burger? You’re going to get a lot! You will never believe the delicious combination unless you try it. It’s a burger you will never forget.

Bacon-Stuffed Burgers with Pimento Cheese and Avocado-main

Party Pretzel Bites

Now here’s a sweet snack for everyone. Making these little delights will be a hit in your tailgate party! Indulge on these bite-sized treats now.

Party Pretzel Bites-main

Wonder Fries

Sometimes I wonder, what makes fries irresistible? Is it because they’re easy to eat? Is it because they’re plain but so flavorful? What if fries are added with spice and transformed into something more delicious? We bet it will be hard to share. Introducing, Wonder Fries! Try this superhero potato recipe with an incredible twist.

Wonder Fries

Tailgate Paella

Well the name speaks for its purpose. But we guarantee this meal will satisfy a lot of your party visitors! It’s better to grill this paella if you’re already at the game. You’ll be excited with the savory smokiness it’ll bring. This recipe can serve up to 15 hungry party people.

Tailgate Paella

Moscow Mule

A party is not a party without good drinks. Check out this so easy to make but so hard to resist beverage recipe. Plus it is vodka, we know you love that.

Moscow Mule-main

There you have it, get your A-game on and have fun! Always keep in mind that tailgate parties are made to experience the spirit of camaraderie.

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