For special occasions with our friends and family, gifts are always a very special addition to the festivities.

If you’re still confused on what to give this Thanksgiving, then we’re here to help!



1. Gourmet and Snacks Basket –  Contains food that are natural and healthy. This gift is ideal for the health conscious.

2. Coffee Caddy Basket – For the demitasse lover, this basket filled with coffee goods is perfect.

3. Gourmet Food Basket – Your friend or loved one would love this basket, the food is beautifully designed and the basket can still be used as a display in the kitchen.

4. Snacks Basket with Dartboard – Excellent for the playful, this gift basket comes with a dartboard where everyone can have fun at every gathering.



1. Wine Bottle glass – Something impressive and fun! Any wine lover would love having this glass.

2. Treveri Wine Pack – Indulge with the fine taste of Treveri Wine that comes in a 3 pack.

3. Wilson Creek Wine Pack – Enjoy the flavorful amora and taste of Wilson. Comes in pair.

4. Freeze Cooling Wine glass – This glass amazingly retains the coldness of any drink. Wonderful isn’t it?


Kitchen Items

1. Cheese Board – This cheeseboard is easy to hold and crafted with the best form of wood.

2. Kitchen gadget Set – Any mother or chef of the family would be happy with these innovative kitchen tools. Guaranteed dishwasher safe.

3. Ice Molder – Ice shaped as spheres adds a lot more fun to drinks! Say goodbye to boring ice cubes and enjoy round ice!

Those are the gifts that you can give this Thanksgiving. Just click on the description to see more.

An act of gratitude is always appreciated, no matter how big and small. It’s always the thought that counts.

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