The Best Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is coming right around the corner and we can already feel the buzzing energy of the holidays. Without a doubt it is time to hype up, but it’s not just us, we also need to send our cheers to the host/hostess of our Thanksgiving party and what better way to do that than to prepare a heartfelt token that will show gratitude and appreciation for the ceremony masters! That is why we are bringing you this list of the best gifts you can give to your hostess on Thanksgiving day. From kitchenware to scented candles and aroma diffusers, these items are sure to make someone smile, in pleasant surprise!

1. TEASPRESSA 18-Piece Luxe Bubbles Mimosa Sugar Cube Set

Give a gift that will help spice up the drinks once it’s served! Check out this 18-Piece Luxe Bubbles Mimosa Sugar Cube Set from Teaspressa. These deluxe sugar cubes are handmade from organic cane sugar and all natural fruit extracts, perfect for adding just the right amount of kick and flavor to your sparkling champagne glasses, turning it into a refreshing cocktail in an instant. The set includes 18 sugar cubes with six of each of the following flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry and Peach. Shop at Nordstrom

2. NORDSTROM at Home Large Round Acacia Wood Serving Tray in Blonde

For a handy, multipurpose present, take a look at this  Large Round Acacia Wood Serving Tray in Blonde from Nordstrom at Home. This tray is made from acacia wood, with each piece having its own refined texture and a unique naturally marbled pattern, surely giving off a classic, authentic look and feel. It can be used as a tray to serve starters and drinks, or fill it up with treats  and use it as the base for a lovely gift basket or assortment, with the tray serving as a bonus. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars at Nordstrom.

Promising Review: “Beautiful tray. It will be great for a large happy hour gathering or it can be used as a centerpiece with different items arranged in it. The Acacia wood is gorgeous!” Westpoint

3. OUR PLACE Always Pan Set in Spice

Say your Thanksgiving cheers to your hostess and hand out an exquisite cookware set that is sure to be the star in the kitchen! The Always Pan Set from Our Home is definitely what you are looking for! The complete set contains cookware made from cast aluminum, stainless steel and beechwood, and includes the following: a nonstick pan with a ceramic coated lid, a steamer basket and a wooden spatula. Product is available in these gorgeous matte color variations: Blue, Char, Heat, Sage, Spice, Steam and Terracotta. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars in Nordstrom.

Promising Review: “The Always Pan is as great as everyone claims. It has become my go-to pan in the kitchen. It’s non-stick and can handle just about any task. I have used it when baking, cooking skillet meals, and veggies. You won’t regret it.” Bdg88 

4. FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle in Copper

Brighten up a friend’s Thanksgiving morning with this Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle from Fellow. This minimalist kettle is the way to go for preparing steaming cups of coffee on Thanksgiving. Made from stainless steel, the kettle has an electric temperature control component, a brew stopwatch and an LCD screen that indicates the temperature for you to accurately adjust it to your desired heat. Product also has a thick handle and a precise pour spout for mess free pouring. Available in: Copper, Matte Black, White and Polished. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars in Nordstrom

Promising Review: “This kettle is just the best. Not only is it functional but it’s beautiful. It heats to the exact temperature and it looks gorgeous on my counter top. People are always complimenting my fellow setup when they come over!” Happyhealthygal123

5. FIVE TWO BY FOOD52 Pack of 5 Water Resistant Teak Spatulas

Express your gratitude and let your loved ones know just how much you appreciate them to the spoon and back! Take a look at this Pack of 5 Water Resistant Teak Spatulas from FIVE TWO BY FOOD52. These stylish wooden spoons are a great addition to your meal prepping tools as they are the perfect match to your kitchen needs, from tossing up veggies, to mixing sauces and stirring up poached eggs and pasta as well as flipping a good sunny side up for your breakfast plate. The set includes a mix master spoon, a 2-in-1 spoon, a big dipper, a scrape and go spatula, and a flip and slide spatula. Shop at Nordstrom

More Amazing Hostess Gifts to Spark Delight This Thanksgiving

1. FRINGE STUDIO Floral Monogram Mug in K

Have a flawless Thanksgiving tea party with your hostess! Check out this Floral Monogram Mug from Fringe Studio. These personalized ceramic mugs are beautifully detailed, with a lovely bronze-gold handle and feature a stylized letter of your choice and flowers by artist Dylan Mierzwinski  as its center design, adding a whimsical touch and making it a very meaningful gift for Thanksgiving. Ideal for serving tea and coffee. Design varies per letter. Product is available in the following letter variations: A,C,D,L,K,M,J,S. Shop at Nordstrom.

2. NEST NEW YORK Fragrances Birchwood Pine Candle

Make moments more special with a meaningful gift that will  give off an air of nostalgia with its majestic aroma and rekindle cheerful memories. Check out this Birchwood Pine Candle from NEST NEW YORK Fragrances. This limited edition candle is made from high quality refined cosmetic grade wax and its scent is a blend of birchwood, amber, rich musk, fir balsam and white pine and can burn up to a maximum of three to four hours at a time. Product comes in a white and gold patterned glass holder and is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars in Nordstrom.

Promising Review: “My favorite scent ever! Especially around the holidays, but smelling it anytime makes me happy. The candle is quite large but does an awesome job of filling a big room when lit.”-KateM.

3. UGG® Coastline Plush Throw Blanket in Desert Sage

Come forth with a gift that will add comfort to one’s own home! This Coastline Plush Throw Blanket from UGG® is made from 100 polyester and is a cozy mix of flannel and plush textures that provide an irresistible soft feel for maximum comfort. Product is machine washable and is available in the following colors: Snow, Stone, Desert Sage, Live Oak, Reef Blue and Rose Tint. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars in Nordstrom

Promising Review: “This throw is incredibly soft, comforting and luxurious! It is big enough to cover two while lounging together. The best blanket/throw that I have ever had!”-BubblyfromHHI

4. FRINGE STUDIO 2-Piece Zodiac Round Ceramic Trinket Box in Taurus

For a simple but beautiful personal gift for the people you know well, check out this 2-Piece Zodiac Round Ceramic Trinket Box from Fringe Studio. These cute trinket boxes are made from glazed ceramic and display the star sign constellation on the box lid and three of the astrological personality traits of the star sign on the inside, making it a perfect giveaway for the ones you hold close to your heart. Design and box color varies. Product is available in: Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Shop at Nordstrom.

5. VITRUVI Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser in Terracotta

Help your hostess set the mood for the Thanksgiving afterparty. Check out these Porcelain Essential Oil Diffusers from Vitruvi. Made from plastic, ceramic and metal, this aroma oil diffuser streams essential-oil-infused steam can run for up to a maximum of 7 hours and is built with safety off switches that automatically turn the machine off when time is up or water runs out, making it a total must have for scenting up the space and setting the scene. Product is available in Black, White, Blush, Charcoal and Terracotta. Shop at Nordstrom.

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