Christmas trees are the most known decorations that fill the homes, streets, and various places every holiday. They’re adapted by almost everyone because it gives the best holiday spirit feel.

Christmas trees are a good investment but they sometimes go wasted because they don’t last long or the quality doesn’t meet the expectations. If you’re thinking of having your own Christmas tree, go for the best makers. Check out our Christmas tree guide to know what suits your home. We also include the décor that suits your preferred tree. Click on the bold underlined texts to shop.

The Full type is best for homes with large spaces. It can be the center of attention in the living room or beside a huge fireplace. If you’ll go for this type of tree, make sure you choose decors that are huge. An example would be this shatter resistant Christmas ornament set or the amaryllis floral picks.

FULL Christmas Tree

On the other hand, Narrow type is best for apartments. It doesn’t consume a lot of space. We chose a design that’s blanketed with snow for a more gorgeous look. Decors would be bright colored ornaments just like snowy Red Berry Picks.

Narrow Christmas Tree

Usually, Slim trees are bought in pairs. But if you’re only planning to get one, then they’re better placed in the corners of your home. We recommend you to put lights with huge sizes and eye popping colors just like these app-enabled color changing lights. Their color and sizes, give an elegant contrasting effect.

Slim Christmas Tree

Flatback is another space saving type of Christmas tree. They’re best to be placed on walls with hanging frames or wreaths.  We chose this design that’s decorated with lovely pinecones already. For other ornaments, choose these iced pinecone picks to complement the whole look.

Flatback Christmas Tree

Potted trees are the easiest to set up and the easiest to move. They’re better to be in the entryways of your homes to welcome your visitors. Decorations should have the gold or rustic features. Just like the silver and gold ornament set or the feathered angel.

Potted Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill is recognized for producing the best artificial Christmas trees. They have all of the qualities that you’re looking for: durable and beautiful. Plus, they also sell Christmas decorations that you need. Check out their website by clicking HERE to see more. We are sure you’ll find the perfect Christmas tree for your home.

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Christmas Tree Buyers Guide

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